Surviving Cold

What have I been doing with my life?
Surviving cold
Living life one day at a time.
Baking bread, reading sometimes, not looking for trouble.


I woke up this morning to realise I’ve not locked/bolted my gate in two days. I’ve been sleeping with my gate slightly ajar. I didn’t notice because I have not stepped out of the room in 48hours. I don’t even have money so what am I doing outside?

Cold dealt with me. I have battled it for more than a month. Rains have been falling here everyday. I hope we get the August break. I was having constant sneezing, running nose, watery eyes, itcy eyes and general discomfort which only happens at night. I did hot water+Robb therapy where you use towel to incubate yourself over hot water😁. I drank ginger every morning and night. Someone even asked me to chew raw ginger. I did. No relief.

I went to the pharmacy every other day, got different drugs I could remember from my mom’s first aid collection. A doctor prescribed some drugs over the phone. I took these drugs for seven days and was relieved. On the 8th day, symptoms returned. I went back to pharmacy and then I asked to see the pharmacist.

“I will refer you to ENT at General Hospital. When you are ready, let me know. Take my number.
Despite working at my office clinic for six months, I hate hospital. Working there was even an issue. So the thought of going to ENT at a general hospital did not appeal to me. I had no intention of calling her.

After one week and no relief, I waited for salary week then I called her. She was so nice on phone. She works at the general hospital herself as a pharmacist. She sent me the number of an ENT nurse.

So I went to general hospital, asked around for ENT, got there, explained myself and was told “you are having an allergy. It has no cure. You have to manage it”

Yaaaay, mogbe!! Kogboogun faaa!!!
My friend in US who is also a pharmacist already told me the exact same thing.
So the hospital wrote down nasal drops, vit C and one other drug. When I went to the pharmacy to get it, and I heard the price, I laughed. Like, spend this much on sneezing?? 😁😁😁

I don’t even spend that much on malaria. Take note that I had paid for card, consultation etc before we even reached this point. I jejely bought orange flavoured vitamin C and left😁. Sense will not kill me😄.

I decided to visit the eye clinic since I had been postponing an eye check too. I called the pharmacist again and she gave me the name of an optometrist.

I saw the kind optometrist, who told me to get a card and wait to be called. I sat for one hour. I was almost giving up to go home when rain started. It was shortly after that my name was called. If not for that rain, I would have gone home.

So, I got a comprehensive eye test done. My glasses are two years old, not sharp again so I’m getting a new pair. A photochromic lens will cost me 20k frame inclusive.
I offered to go get a referral from my NHIS hospital.

“Well, you will still pay half of the price”, the pretty doctor said
No wahala. It’s still better.
If I add sneezing bill😁😁 to eye bill, that’s about 25k. Eye drops were prescribed too-about three. It wasn’t available at the pharmacy so my bill would have been 30k.

Well, I got home and kept the two prescription notes and began to pray😁😁. Meanwhile I ordered two frames on Instagram. God is Good, GIG logistics just notified me it has arrived. So I will go get my referral letter on Friday and get my glasses done next week.

However, for the first time in over one month, guess who woke up this morning without sneezing?


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