Street Chronicles

I do not.know what is wrong with my barbers.

I do not understand why they get excited when they see me in their salon.

I do not understand why they ask for my digits so they can be my friend.
One was saying ‘i like women who barb. Dem no dey give their men trouble. All these human hair girls, give me 120k for human hair, their men don suffer. See reasonable human being here”.

Honestly, that up there is an insult to me. Because it implies I’m a low maintenance female. I hate it when men judge me by my simple looks and say ‘this one no dey make hair. She’s not materialistic. She no go dey buy buy”

Ahhhhh!!!! You have missed it o. I am materialistic sir. Baje baje gan an ni sir. Na money I dey wait for sir. My taste is higher than my income sir, that’s why I’m lying low sir. Cutting my hair is for economic reasons sir. E keyin wole ke submit ete sir. E stop gbogbo shobolashon, shoboloyoke sir. Aja o nii gbeyin lomo lo sir.

The last time I went to barb, I don’t know if it was my hair he was cutting or if he was caressing my head. Or maybe it’s because I was sick and I imagined it as a head massage. The guy was just tenderly flipping the clipper across my head, asking me if he should make it lower or leave it. I didnt even want to stand up when he finished.

Las Las, I will manage to grow my hair and turn it to dada. Because I’m tired of barbers wanting to be my friend because they think I’m not loud.


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