Reminiscing Tonight…

Let me tell you what else happened on the last red day.

A certain old man who has/had a case in my court messaged me like this:

“Yetunde, I wish you LOVE and joyous Val’s day. From Your Valentine, C.”

As at the time this message came in, I was in pains on my bed. Remember my previous post, Pregnancy, Val’s day bla bla.

I waited for some days. Then I sent the response below

That’s my face when I’m mean😁😁

“With due respect and in reference to that Val message sir, thunder will fire you sir.”

He responded and said

“Thanks very much. Have a nice day”.

Two minutes later, he said

“I’m sorry. I was only being friendly”.


Honestly, I do not easily call out people for their bullshit. I hardly ever respond to annoying people but this baba overdid it.

How did it start?

He came to court one day looking very sad. His matter was coming up and milord wasn’t around yet which was quite unusual. Milord sits strictly 9am. Milord asked me to apologise to the bar.

So I did.

I approached the man and asked jokingly if he would like a cup of coffee, just to ease his tension. I was expecting him to say no.

ABI do they serve tea in courtrooms?

He said yes. Toh.

So I went outside, bought coffee, looked for hot water and cup, then gave him.

I didn’t know I just signed up for radarada.

That same night, baba called and said he would love to have me by his side.


Baba, what did you say?

He stammered and repeated the crap. I cut the call.

The next time he came to court, he didn’t do as if anything happened.

As embarrassing as it sounds, he sent me the first text telling me he has moved to a new apartment. As angry as I was, I let it slide.

Until this last val message and I lost it totally.

Thunder will keep firing him.


P.S The Bible says we should speak respectfully to an elder like a father but did the Bible say anything about randy elders and what we should say to them?

*Eyes are very red these days


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