Lockdown Diary

Coro Diaries, Lockdown Day 2
First of all, my heartfelt prayers are with Abuja randy men whose children barely know their faces because they are never around, whose wives have moved on emotionally without them, who now have to stay locked down with the same family they ignored. May the Lord help you as you all fart in each other’s faces this week and the next or beyond😂.
My sincere pity to all the extroverts, the Waka abouts who can never stay at home for 24hours at a stretch. This house arrest will soon be over, you hear?
To all the introverts, those who love their own company, welcome to a life of bliss.

  1. It’s just day 2 and already, 2 big loaves of sliced bread has finished. I did a panic shopping on Monday, moving around markets and grocery stores. When I got to the bakery, there were a lot of people. Thankfully, they decided to sell outside. I wanted to buy just a loaf but I did a double take when the man behind me said “give me five loaves”. I changed my mind and asked for two loaves too- sliced. That bread finished today. I hope that man and his family have finished their own five loaves too. 0-0
  2. I was on Google trying to find out how to preserve atarodo and tantase, even unripe plantains. I was told to soak the unripe plantains in a bucket of water so that it will not ripen. I did that already. Been snacking on plantain chips-ipekere. Sadly, out of the bunch, I have just 2 left and this is only day 2. #sighs
  3. The stew I made for the entire week finished today. I don’t know where I will start from tomorrow.
  4. I have been reading awesome books.
    Nabeel Qureshi- Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
    Jean Sasson- Princess, the true life story of a Saudi princess behind the veil.
    I’ve learnt so much about the oil rich Saudi men, their women, their idiosyncrasies. I read about Makkah, Medina, Egpyt, Jerusalem. Some of what I read corresponds with the course I did at ABU-area studies, that talks about the Yom Kippur War, the 1954 war, Iran War etc.
  5. I’m currently reading Karen Kingsbury’s Shades of Blue and I’m enjoying it.
  6. I’ve become nocturnal. I don’t sleep at nights again. I listen to every sound, every bird that flies and every animal that moves. Yesterday, I slept after 3am and still woke up around 8am. I was busy reading. I’m so thirsty for knowledge.
  7. I noticed an animal in my house. The ugliest and scariest. A wall gecko. Very big. I screamed and ran out. I thought of calling someone to help me kill it. But I remembered years ago, when a rat entered my room and I told someone who also told someone. These two somebodies came together with a stick to kill the rat. During the mortal combat, rat entered my bathroom. I ran out. They followed rat to my bathroom. I was peeping from the window then I remembered that my underwear was in the bathroom. Because of the nature of underwear, I ran away very fast. I didn’t wait for them to finish. Even when they said I could now go in, I made sure I didn’t run into them.
  8. My neighbors are ibo people and they like to discuss Nigeria’s politics under the tree in front of my house. Their women too are not left behind. Their voices kept drifting into my afternoon nap. There’s a big tree and river in front of my gate.
  9. Light has been terrible. They barely give us enough to charge our phones and then take it again.
  10. When you are home and you don’t have to do any laundry, it’s the best thing that can happen to you. I got a 6kg twin tub Haier Thermocool washing machine with spinning last December. It has helped me to wash all my stubborn bedsheets and curtains. I’ve hated doing laundry for long. Going to the market and cooking is another major wahala.
  11. I go to the market now because I am middle class. When I attain upper class, I will stop going. I lived a faux upper class life till 2017 when my sugar daddy was still alive. Mr Banji never failed to bring juice, canned drinks, bread, assorted biscuits, chocolates etc. He was even bringing soup ingredients from ibadan for me.
  12. But now that I’m back to middle class😂, the first evidence that I’m broke is my fridge. When you open it and see it loaded with pure water, it’s high level brokeness. But when it’s full of juice, kilishi, yoghurt and orishirishi, I’m on an upper class level. One time, I got six packs of yoghurt from ibadan. The irony- I didn’t add a single kg in those days.
  13. Looks like I’m going to spend this entire year vacationing. All courts in Nigeria go on recess by July and resume by September. Been seriously counting down to July until coro came. Also, Court Easter vacation starts from April 6-20 and we are sitting in other states during the remaining few days. So covid or no Covid, our last court sitting was last week and we should resume by May. Issa balling time for somebody, yo.
  14. Come to think of it, I just remembered that I still have an annual leave this year. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
  15. ******************************

My phone gave me a scare yesterday. It suddenly stopped working no matter what I tried. I should have posted yesterday but I mistakenly deleted everything I had written. I went to bed sad.

  1. I slept through an entire night since the beginning of Coro. Before I went to bed, I received a message that FG relaxed their stance on total lockdown. I thought it was fabu(a joke). So I woke up early to listen to Good Morning Nigeria on NTA. It was confirmed. I’m so relieved.
  2. Rain fell in my area yesterday. The weather became cool, a clear departure from the gruelling heat we’d been suffering for days. Nepa brought light all through the night till this morning.
  3. I’m seriously happy about this Coro vacation. I’m doing a lot of things I shelved for lack of time. I’m editing someone’s book. And I’m reading lots of interesting stuffs.
  4. I do not have tv subscription so I depend on my phone and NTA to know what’s going on.
  5. A colleague’s wife put to bed on Tuesday. A Coro baby. He posted on the WhatsApp group this morning and said he just had a baby boy and that makes the total number of his children 14😁 and that he’s still counting. He’s an hausa boy. He’s a junior staff whose salary cannot feed only him not to talk of fourteen kids.
  6. With what I’m seeing today, it’s like electricity has greatly improved.
  7. When I could not resist it, I fried the remaining plantains this morning. Nothing more to eat.
  8. I’ve not spoken with Milord in ages. Last time we saw on Friday, he insisted on going to sit at Yola. I told him not to go. He went. He was supposed to sit the entire week but i heard he came back the next day, Monday. I called him last night, his official line was off(it’s free to call him with my own official line). I can’t try his personal line because I do not have airtime.😳



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