Lessons of 2017


1. The year I grew faster

I grew so fast than the previous years of my innocent existence this year. I am talking of mental growth in terms of values and dealing with scum.
It was the year that I learnt so much within a short period. I understood life better.

2. I got to know the meaning of vanity

I got to understand more clearly what vanity upon vanity means. It was a year when I learnt to let go of people, situation and problems. I got to know that problems would always exist and that people are problem. So, where people is, there has to be problem so deal with it.

3. Family.is.not.everything.

They say family is everything but its just a cliche. Family is not always everything. Family is great but not every time. Ask Joseph, ask Abel, ask David whose son plotted to kill him.
Family is one of the important things in life that we have no control over, we can’t decide or change it. We simply live with it with common sense.
Family will do nothing for you but they would expect so much from you. Family would hold you to ransom with an entitlement mentality and sheer arrogance. Turn your face the other way. Dont worry or bother about what they think. They are entitled to their thought. Love them but don’t mope over them when they walk. They don’t deserve it. No, they don’t deserve all the attention you give them.

4. You are on your own always.

So never believe them when they say you need people. When you die, you will be alone, in the grave, with nothing. When you came, you were alone with nobody. In the days of adversity, you are on your own with God silently guiding you, protecting and preserving you. But when you step out, seeking people, seeking validation, you lose yourself in the process. You.are.on.your.own.and will do amazing things when you are on your own.

5. God will never fail

Because his promises are true. So, when it looks bleak, tiring, he shows up in a big way. And when you are just by yourself, you end up being under his direct supervision and care. God doesn’t get tired of caring.

6. The year that I learnt to let go

This year, i forgot to notice those who left. I stopped remembering their name. I outgrew most things, people and places that are not permanent. We aren’t all permanent though. I stopped worrying over people and things whose actions or behaviour I have no control over. I had to respect their decision to walk and life became better, merrier.

7. Some would say “I will always be here if you need me”, they are just messing with your head.

Don’t ever believe those ones. Don’t ever let them mess with your emotions. Because nobody is permanent. They may be there for a season but most times, they won’t be there. Even your folks won’t always be there due to natural and unnatural circumstances beyond control. Only God would be there because he is permanent.

8. I became indifferent about life

I am indifferent about life and its uncertainty…bring it on.
I am indifferent about people and their unpredictability…no shaking
I am indifferent about situations..I don’t give a damn

9. The year that what I feared most happened to me

I became an orphan. It was my greatest fear immediately mum left. So, I have learnt to channel my fear into profitable ventures. Now, I fear that I will be blessed to overflow, pressed down and running over. I fear that I will be too great. I fear that these two fears are already coming to pass and may they remain permanent. Now, my only real fear in life is not knowing how to cook a pot of jollof or fried rice.

10. Money answers most things

If not everything, money will solve all the puzzles you are dealing with. So, in all thy getting, which is after wisdom, get money. A.lot.of.it.

Its the best way to deal with scum. Money treats you better than people would treat you.

Don’t believe them when they say money is not important. Yes, it is also vanity. But it is the currency of this life called vanity. No wonder Solomon said “there’s nothing better for a man to do in this life than to eat, drink, make merry and enjoy the fruit of his labour and even this is a gift from God”.

So if God has given you the gift of life, work hard, eat, drink and enjoy your labour in the fleeting moments of vanity you have left.

However, I am glad for all the good dreams that came through this year most especially “The Gift of Dreams”. I am so grateful to those who have bought into this dream and still expecting those who haven’t.

I am thankful to those unusual individuals who remained through. These ones are very few but priceless.

To those ones who always wait till bad things happen before they call or show up, we will not be seeing or talking in the new year because bad things aren’t happening any longer. So, there won’t be need to catch up on bad things.

Happy New Year already!!!!

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