Lessons Learned In Life

Everyday for the rest of my life, I will continually be grateful to God for what I thought I needed, wanted desperately but the Lord took from me without any explanation. I am not talking in terms of death here. It’s about living losses which seemed monumental at the time but turned out to be great blessings afterwards.


If the Lord had not been on our side…..


I thank God for choices I thought I made intelligently, with my human wisdom which looked very right at the time, not just to me but to everyone looking through my eyes but later turned catastrophic. So many nights I turned to the wall asking God why? Not knowing he definitely loves me and has a better plan ahead.

Those choices of yesteryears are now bad news, sore gists and misfits. Thank God for disappointment and failures. Thank God for broken hope.


Even if I had a crystal ball then, I couldn’t have seen what I am seeing now. I couldn’t have predicted/seen the future accurately.


God had to wait for me to grow up, to stop whining before finally showing me the missing pieces of the puzzle. Now that everything makes sense, I stand in awe of the almighty.


I was busy binding the 😈 not knowing it was God standing in my way like the camel of Balaam who refused to walk because an angel of God was blocking the way. Balaam had beaten the camel angrily for the delay until the camel spoke back at him. His eyes opened and he saw the angel standing there with a sword. The delay was to protect his life. If the camel had moved an inch, maybe the angel would have cut down Balaam from proceeding on an assignment that lacked God’s backing.


If the Lord had not allowed those errors and misdemeanors to happen to us, now may Israel say, we would have been long forgotten, carried away by the harsh Waters of this life. But we have escaped with our lives as a bird from a hunter’s nest.The snare is broken and we are free.


So before you jump to conclusions that God isn’t good, wait for the message first. There is a message in what you are going through. One day, everything will make sense perfectly. And as James Dobson said “God always makes sense even when it looks like he doesn’t make sense”.

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January 27, 2019