Last night, armed robbers visited our quarters. I woke up around 2am to pee. I got back to bed and heard a gunshot, then voices and shouts. I panicked. Sleep fled from my eyes. I heard their footsteps as they ran through the river that runs through the front of my fence. I slept barely before 12am and from 2am, I was awake till dawn. They successfully robbed all the houses just directly opposite our block of flats.

I even have someone’s laptop in my house but I’ve hidden it inside the kitchen 

Subsequently, all of us were summoned to a community meeting by 10am. That ibo landlord/chairman was there. And a lot of residents.
Ibo landlord said he was prepared so he brought out his long double barrel gun(My first time of seeing one) and a fierce looking dog that looks like a lion. Mr Banji never showed me a gun neither did he bring one home till he retired from the police. He could have brought it and hidden it though.
They said that every man should go to the market and get a cutlass before night. Women should get whistles. We shouldn’t come out but we should shout thief and blow whistles. The men are going to be vigilantes till the end of the lockdown. All men are coming out by 10pm tonight and will patrol till dawn.

I am so proud of all those men. They said they were ready to start this night. See why I can never claim equality with a man. Me that my eye was already turning when I heard cutlass. I’m even happy that Chief landlord has a gun that’s loaded.
And this reminds me of….

The Estate Gate At Warewa

One time like that, armed robbers gained entance into our ‘secured estate’ (or so we thought) at Warewa. They injured a man, a respected landlord within the estate.
The news went round the next morning. So I went to Ibafo Police station to tell my uncle. He said”Should I deploy our police patrol vehicle with some of my boys to start parading at night within your estate? They will drive round, blow their siren and come towards your gate”
Instead of being happy, I was alarmed.
Why will he send an entire police patrol team to my area because I live there?
“No sir. It will die down. I don’t want police coming to the estate because of me”
Who am I again?
He left the matter like that. The armed robbery didn’t take place again. The estate committee beefed up their security.
Another time when I was living with a friend at ketu, thieves entered our one room apartment while we were all sleeping. We were four girls. Only one person paid for the room, one was the younger sister and two of us were squatters.
My friend who owned the room slept naked with just a wrapper covering her. And you know how wrappers can fly away during a beautiful sleep after jumping buses from obalende to ketu alapere
I slept close to the door. Since it was heat period in Lagos and we were four girls managing a small room, we only shut the net door with a bolt. The main door was open because we needed fresh air. We often slept like this and nothing happened. The thief only needed to tear the net and unlock the bolt to gain entry. And I was the first person by the entrance. The room was so small that after putting down the mattress on the floor, there was no space again. Our bags were arranged close to our head. Our feet touched the bare floor because even the bed was small for all four of us. But we all lived happily since we only all met at home to sleep at night. Dinner was the only food we ate together. No breakfast for me because I used to leave home by 5am. My resumption time was 7am.
My Bible was by my head and my Nokia phone was placed on it. I used to help my friend sell recharge cards at my office because I saw that her business was not moving at home. My office was SCOA MOTORS that had SCOA FOODS as a subsidiary located at Five Star bustop, Oshodi-Isolo expressway. My friend’s cousin(the 2nd squatter) was a corper at STB McCann. My friend’s sister was a secondary school student within ketu.I had just given her about 7,000naira that night, the proceeds from her recharge card. I was really selling out big at the office.
So thief(abi na thieves) entered, carted away her 7k, her phone, her cousin’s money too and we didn’t wake up the whole damn time. We all probably slept like logs of wood.
She stirred after the thief completed his/their mission. She saw someone leave our room then she shouted ole!!!! We woke up and she started shouting. Our neighbors woke and started looking for him. We all came out. He had gone.
We rushed back in to check things. My phone which was more visible was still sitting pretty on my Bible where I kept it. I checked my bag. I had another 7k inside-the wages of my colleague, Nimat who didn’t come to the office that day and because they paid cash, she asked me to collect on her behalf. But I put that money in the inner pocket of my bag. You’d open my bag and not find the money there if you are not a thorough thief like Anini or Shina Rambo. Thankfully, this thief wasn’t thorough bred so money was intact.
Sadly it wasn’t the situation with my roommates. They had losses. Thief took the 7k I gave her before going to bed. The issue rattled all of us. Moreso
I went to ketu police station in the morning. I went to see my brother. When I told him about the robbery, he followed me back home to assess the scene whether they could make an arrest.
He was even shocked that four of us were living in a small room at Alapere. So he told Dad. He said “why would she be living with a friend in Ketu when I have an apartment at Ikorodu?”
Truly, I had been in Ketu for a month or so and never looked for him until the robbery incidence. He told me the area was notorious with armed robbery and that they had carried out raids in that area before.
I had no choice than to visit him the next weekend as per one good turn deserves another. Dude lived in a mini flat at Agric Ogolonto. His fiance was away in UK. His house was so much comfortable. Infact it was like a palace compared to where I was coming from.
I spent a whole weekend and returned to work on Monday. Going to Oshodi-Isolo from ikorodu was no small feat. I had to be out of his house by 4am. But that was the last time I ever went. Ketu was closer to the office.

Another time like that, we kids were still in secondary school, our parents travelled to Apomu in Osun state for an occasion. Thieves raided the entire compound of four bedroom flat each.
I didn’t know that anything was happening. I was asleep on the bed but I saw flashes of light on my face. It was he thief’s torch from outside the window. I discovered that others were no longer in the room with me. I stood up and met everybody at the sitting room huddled together, whispering in low tones, bemoaning the gate that was to befall us. I was angry that nobody woke me. I felt chills run down my spine. What if he had shot me on the bed from outside?
We started running from bedroom to toilet to kitchen. They asked us to open the door but we refused. We were eight in the house.
They kept telling us to open the door else they’d break our head with their gun.
One of us began to cry. Others signalled at her to keep quiet but she o my wailed louder.
She knelt down in the sitting room and began to converse with the thieves who were looking at us from the window.

“Please, don’t enter our house. Our daddy and mummy are not at home”
“Okay, don’t worry. We are not coming to your house again”
We thought it was a joke.
But we heard them turning things&issuing threats in our neighbor’s apartment upstairs and the one beside us, their muffled cries and the sound of their doors.
They raided the entire three flats and came to tell us they were leaving. From the window.
That was how they left. Our neighbors came to knock. We didn’t open till they called our names. All of us rushed out. We learnt that our neighbors gladly opened the doors by themselves and the thieves carted away their property.
It was only God that saved us. Adults opened their doors willingly. But we kids refused. I don’t know the kind of liver we had. Our parents came the next day and they were thanking God.
So, no be today. May God keep us all tonight. I have even padlocked my door.



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