Finally, I have A Lecturer Friend!!

Just enjoy my faces😉

When I was just thinking of writing(boasting actually)about a friend of mine who just completed her doctorate degree and has earned putting the Ph.D status in front of her name, she left me a message on WhatsApp during the week that left me screaming. I even had to call her immediately.

This friend of mine has been one very brilliant lady right from when I met her. She wanted to study medicine but she was given physiology. After 100l, she had a very high 4points CGPA that earned her a transfer to medicine. Her name actually came out on the list and we all jubilated. Few days later, to her chagrin, her name was removed. One of the politics and problems bedeviling nigerian tertiary institutions. It was a daylight robbery. I don’t know how she rose from it.
If it was me, it would have destabilized and demoralized me completely. Imagine having to go back and tell everyone who had rejoiced with her that her name had been removed. It would have killed me. Reminds me of what they usually say that God won’t allow you to pass through something that passes your power. Maybe this is true. I honestly do not have the capacity. When I went through something close to this in my own later years, I lived in complete denial and couldn’t tell anyone.

She graduated with honours. Called me when she gained admission to the prestigious premier University for her Masters. She visited me at home in Ibadan. Come and see how my parents were gushing over her after she left.
Dad was like “you mean that small girl is already doing her masters?”
Mum was like “did you give her yam from the store? You said she came from school right? Did you find anything for her from the kitchen?”

I said no.
She told me she was disappointed in me. Toh. She already left sha. But she ate pounded yam when she came 😁😂😀
It was also a status symbol for me that my friend was doing masters.
She finished and immediately gained admission to the fast paced university of ilorin for her doctorate. In between, she learnt tailoring while at Ibadan. She stayed in agbowo then but I visited her once or twice.

She had only one wish. To be a lecturer. But it wasn’t forthcoming. She submitted many applications. She travelled round the country. She kept me informed about her efforts. It was a trying period. I couldn’t have gone through it and survive like I said. I just can’t.
She couldn’t get a job. But this is where her story gets inspiring.

However, even though she couldn’t study medicine, she got married to a medical doctor and now she’s also a doctor of books😁. She met this medical doctor while studying for her masters at UI. Their love story is another interesting web as he had to travel to Ukraine to study medicine after graduating in physiology.
My friend and I picked him together from the airport in Abuja the day he came back to this country and that was my first time of meeting him.
If you’ve been following this blog closely, you would have remembered their story by now because it was covered on this blog.
They got married, got blessed with a healthy son, she finished her PhD and boom, she left this message that: she finally got a job. The lecturing job she had been seeking all these years. She didn’t want any other field. She tailored her search to the field of lecturing.

Now wait for it, it was our Alma mater that gave her the job. She’s going to be working in the same department she graduated from many years ago, she’s going to be lecturing other students in the same classroom where she was a student many years ago.
God finally came through for her in a great way, at the best time, without a struggle.
Her story inspired me greatly and I thought to share. I didn’t even do enough justice because I didn’t ask for her permission before writing. I had to skip many parts.

But hers is a story of perseverance, dedication and focus.
She’s the only married friend whose house I’ve visited and slept in. If you are my married friend, chances are, that I’d never even visit your house or sleep if I’m not also friends with your husband.
Ask boyede. She’s my only friend in Abuja. I’ve met her husband once and I can say they are a lovely couple. She’s been telling me that “my husband said you should come for a visit and sleep over”. I’ve been using her to do ‘askor’ because their place is very far from mine.

When I visited my PhD friend in osogbo, we stayed in the parlour and gisted with her husband. My other married friend, D was around too. It was a lovely night. Then we all prayed together and went to bed.
So far, all my close friend’s husbands are the best. We’ve all become good friends. My friendship with their wives has extended to them and we are all good together.
My friend in Kaduna, who moved from bodija to kaduna so to speak😂😀😁,(it was a mighty move and I can’t seem to get over it.) I haven’t met her husband physically but he’s a complete gentleman. Why did I say so?
I went to visit my friend at her shop. By the way, she’s part of my inner circle too. She’s more of like my main chick in the north.😁😀
She has a Masters degree from the premier University as well and is now a proud fashionpreneur(she has the largest couture shop in eyebrow barnawa, close to kaduna poly),a mompreneur(she’s managing two boys) and a wifepreneur(she’s wife to a public speaker extraordinaire, banker, pastor, not necessarily in that order😉). That guy is a husband not a horseband because he left his only beautiful camry for my friend and goes to work on his own without a car. Not that he works in another town o. No, he goes to work and comes back home every blessed day. No, I haven’t ever seen such selflessness and love in all of Israel.😀
My friend drove that car to first pick their son from school, then drove me to this Amala joint where she bought me ogunfe and pounded yam. All credits to her husband.

My PhD friend’s husband drove me to the park at osogbo, bought a copy of my book and has been a complete gentleman and husband.
What about my friend in US and her husband? Let me not start their own too.
But, brethren, how did I start talking about my friend’s husbands when I only wanted to talk/brag about my friend who got a PhD and a lecturing job same year? Am I alright like this?
Long and short of it is that, everything good will come(that’s the title of one of my posts). You may not know when but God always come through. In a very big way. If you’ve been waiting for something, do not despair. It might still come this year, or it might come at the best of time.
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