Coro Diaries(Honestly, I’ve lost count of the day)

What day are we? I can’t remember days of the week again unless I check the calendar.

I can’t remember how long we’ve stayed at home either

I fear that I may even become another Johnbull because I’m almost forgetting how to even write my name.

In this COVID 19 era, electricity has been so good-23 hours of light in Nigeria. Did I ever know I’d see this day in this country?

1. Mehn, people are getting bored. But bored cannot be compared to broke. Two days ago when I went to buy bread, the road was very dry. We can only go out 3 times a week in Abuja 7am-2pm. Market will open tomorrow and I’m just sighing because the daughter of Banji cannot even go with empty hands.

2. People who have been angry with me, who have never visited me started to call. Boredom dey humble person.

Esquire was angry with me and he stopped talking to me because I said he should apply to court before I can give him the CTC of a ruling.

He called with a very humble voice ‘common CTC that I told you to give me, you refused to give me. I don’t mind driving you to the office now so that you can get it for me. I need it badly’.

What’s this one even saying? Are you a stranger in Nigeria? Drive me to the office to do what? Awusubillahi

“Wo Esquire, ko le werk. There’s an isolation centre beside my office and asides that, you think I will defy the order of my employers? You must be high on orijin fa.”

3. Mr Banji’s assistant who has never visited me called to find out where I live. He drove down and I went to pick him. He told me about the isolation centre beside our office and that we should not expect any money from the office this period . Bhet oga, drop something now. For where, he said next time. I know there will be no next time. Dude just got tired of his house and needed to just go out. We’ve been living in the same area for 4 years and he has never checked on me.

4. I finally spoke with my noble lord. He said “Yetunde, I hope you are fine. I hope you are keeping all the rules. I heard people are moving freely in your area”

“Milord, people are not moving in my area o. It is mararaba/nyanya/Karu people that are defying government’s orders. My area is very dry. There are police men on the road sef’

He said “Okay, Take good care of yourself”.

“I will, Milord”.

5. Now that money has finished, I really need to eat the humble pie and pray for Covid 19 to end.

6. My church pastor called me “hello sister, how are you. Do you still have food at home?”

Oro food ko leleyi sir. Oro owo ni alufaa.

Bhet I didn’t say that. Instead, I told him “yes sir, there’s food sir. We thank God sir.

“ok o, God will be with you o”

“eseun gan sir. Ateyin naaa”

The food is prawn crackers sha

7. After posting this, I will barely have data again. I’ve been running on data since I won’t watch TV.

8. I’ve read the entire princess trilogy(3 novels in one), Maya Angelou’s Letter to my Daughter, and I’m reading Left to Tell-the story of the Rwandan genocide.

9. I’m writing my memoir as well and I’m enjoying it.

10. What will I do with my life post Covid 19? When I drew up my budget for that post Covid era, I gasped. Life will go back to its mumbo jumbo, paying bills, running helter skelter, going to work, lectures, market, church ….barely coming up for air. Am I even ready?

Can you see my bookshelf?

How are you doing in this era? Are you bored? Care to share?


She has won many awards in writing and poetry amongst which are CLO essay competition (1st Prize Southwest) NDIC essay competition(5th Prize in the southwest) and a World Bank Essay Certificate of Participation She has worked with as a content editor and a host of sites as a ghost writer. She has written great inspirational content for fashion brands/blogs. She has been featured on radio and recently added public speaking to her portfolio. You can hire her to write a professional/business profile for you, online content editing, book editing, guest blogging, ghostwriting, content creation or if you need copies of her book, contact her via [email protected] Olasiyan Olasiyan Follow her business page on Instagram @officialladywriter

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