Coro Diaries: To Those Who Think Coro Is A Joke

This is for people who are fond of saying “you don see person wey coro catch? Na government dey use am chop money…..

I won’t say you are ignorant because I know you are not. However you are just deliberately socially irresponsible to yourself and people around you.
I never doubted its existence for once even though I didn’t know anyone who had it but following the figures on air alone was traumatic for me. Some went a step further and called it a rich man’s disease. It is really pathetic to think this way.

I was hoping it would go away so that I could have my life back when maternal uncle called me that our other big uncle, his elder brother was at the isolation centre in Yaba.
This uncle lived with us when I was in primary school. Mum brought him from the village and got a job for him at an insurance company close to her own office in dugbe. So uncle lived with us while saving to get an apartment. I don’t remember how long he stayed but he soon got a place and invited his family over. He had three sons then. Now they are four with a girl.


Uncle was a correct village boy who loved to eat eba in a funny way. He would cut it very big, mould it with his hand and swallow it with a noise in his throat. We always stole glances at him every evening since he only ate dinner with us during the week. He was our favorite uncle.


How did it happen?
Uncle still works at this insurance company till date but he got transferred to Lagos. Infact, while I was in Lagos, he was in Lagos too, living at Berger, close to this Mr Biggs I once went with Jonathan Eze when I was working under him.
So uncle’s boss fell ill and he began to move his boss from one hospital to the other. He was rejected at a hospital in ikoyi and referred to isolation centre.

In Yaba, uncle’s boss tested positive for Covid 19 and died two days after. Uncle, alongside boss’ wife and kids were all taken into the isolation centre.
He was released after spending two weeks there and testing negative.
So many people I know have had Covid at home and survived it after two to three weeks. Two weeks ago, three people I know, fell sick, had fever, cold, lost their sense of smell but later recovered.
So many people have had it around us. They treated it as malaria and got better using herbs.
Covid is real. It is not a joke. Wear a mask and use your sanitizer. Be responsible!!!!


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