Becoming A School Drop-Out?

This is a rant…

I may be dropping out of postgraduate school.

I’ve been numb since yesterday. I went through a lot of emotions yesterday ranging from frustration to anger to near depression. The worst part, I tried to let out the emotions but it couldn’t be expressed. But it’s still right there as a lump in my heart.

I went to school yesterday to register for 2nd semester. In NOUN, you pay school fee every semester. I went with 80k. I had many sleepless nights before the 80k appeared sef and on the last day the registration portal was going to close, I promised myself I was going to check my BP at the office clinic since I had not been sleeping for days. However, I got the money that very day in the afternoon but I was too busy to do anything about it.

Friday was public holiday. I went to a cyber cafe to do the registration and payment online but funnily, the cafe was closed that Friday morning. First sign from God most likely.
Saturday, no chance.
Monday, I went to the physical school close to me yet, I couldn’t get it sorted. Second sign.
I was told to go to bank after generating RRR. I knew I could pay directly online besides, the queues at my bank on Mondays are terrifying.
So I called an oga and he told me to come back to school the next day. I was relieved.
Yesterday, I went back. He opened his desktop, generated RRR, paid through remita. Only to discover that he paid into a wrong remita portal. He should have done everything from my student portal but he paid directly to remita and my money went to a wrong place.
So he wrote a letter which I typed in my name and took to NOUN HQ in Jabi. When I got to student account, they told me I have to go source for another money to register for 2nd semester else I lose the semester because the money won’t come out even in three weeks. In fact, there’s no date in sight because the money has to go through a whole lot of bureaucracy-move from table to table and finally ratified by the VC. There’s no certainty I will get this money back. No way to even trace anything.
While leaving school yesterday, I didn’t know I had crossed the express until I saw a car fly past me just few seconds after I crossed without looking. It was a narrow escape. On my way back from Jabi, I had to book a ride with bolt to just take me home.
The driver didn’t try to make small talks, thank God for that. He played music and we rode in silence. I managed to go to church and still taught Bible study😀
I’m still numb and I still haven’t cried. I really need to cry. I’m feeling the pains in my leg. Life is overwhelming. I’m feeling as if I just lost my life savings in an investment scheme.



This is how I feel right now


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