A ti lo, A ti de😀

It’s been almost a year already and it feels good to be back. I didn’t plan to take an almost one year break at all.

I never thought it might be this long 😜.
I tried paying for web renewal last December but the web developer didn’t pick my call.

He had sent me the details via mail, but I needed to communicate with him verbally first, before making payment but all effort to reach him proved abortive. So I spent my 10k 😀. You are shocked that it’s 10k right?😀😀

Okay, I tried reaching out to him again in March but he didn’t pick as well and he never called back. So I simply got on with life.

July 8th 2021, I suddenly remembered that I have a blog so I called him and he picked before it rang out. We sealed the deal in less than 5mins and the blog came back in less than 30mins. It took all of 30mins because he had to shift us to another domain after we discovered that a Chinese company already bought our former domain.

Yes I’m using ‘our’ because the blog belongs to us-you, the readers and myself. You are all shareholders. He told me that because of exchange rate wahala, rates have gone up, but I could still pay 10k. Which means I could pay more next year.

Some people reached out during that period of my hiatus. Thanks to all those who kept checking on me, those who told me they missed the blog and all that. I came back only because of you.

I even went to YouTube while I was away to start a channel 😁😁😳😳. Yeah, Vlogging things. But, procrastination and self doubt would not let me be great. I deleted my first video after 48 hours or so. I gave myself so many excuses. It was meant to be a faith based content not a lifestyle content like the blog but I was worried about so many things. We will talk about these later. Or not.😜

We were on strike for two months. I came back curvy😜

So, a lot of waters have passed under the bridge.

My Lord left me in Abuja and got transferred to Calabar. I don’t know if we discussed this before the blog disappeared. Anyways, milord is now in Calabar. I shed hot tears the day he packed his few things out of the same office we had both gisted and laughed together. I walked with him to the car park with other top management staff and couldn’t stop the tears when he climbed into his jeep.

May!! my hair was like this.

I went to Jabi Lake Mall for groceries

Well, I asked for a transfer before he left. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life after him so I thought I should go try another department. Moreso, I had heard so many terrific news about the new judge who was coming from gidi. Truth is, I was so disoriented in Dec/Jan. I didn’t know where my career was headed. More on this later.

The topics coming up are:
How I fell in love with a SAN
Hey! I have a new Lord(Jesus is still my Lord)
I met someone cute on my street but he only bought me Amala and Gbegiri and that’s on period 😀(I know your ears are wide open at this point). Far better than the guy who got us 5galas in Lagos that year.
I think I like my new judge etc

I aced my promotion exam. Maybe I didn’t write that I went to write a promotion exam at the Federal Judicial Service Commission, Three Arms Zone located within the Supreme Court Complex. I passed so well that when we were invited for interview and the panelists saw my name and score, I was asked to take a bow and exit the bar just like they do during ministerial screening at the house of assembly. Maybe I should do a post on it.

I’m in school again studying Public Administration…this is the juiciest part- The topics coming up under these are:

The Tale of a Mopol and His Marine Possessed Ex-Wife
The Invigilator who got my number
My Classmates Think I’m their Hushpuppi etc

July!! Can you see the ‘kolese?’😀

* okay, we started doing ‘kolese’ about a month ago. The last time I barbed was March.

I pray I’m consistent enough.

Pls welcome me back!!

E kuule o


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