You May Think You Don’t Need God, But Here Is Why You Are Wrong

Olasiyan Olanike Yetunde

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6 Responses

  1. pearlosibu says:

    “And if you are sincere to yourself and you look inwards, he can be seen in your conscience…”
    Yeah. And if you’re sincere and face the truth that in a multiverse with billions of stars, you and I are nothing and the idea that we matter is ridiculous…but we cannot stand the thought that we actually do not matter except to exist and be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. We’re narcissistic and afraid, so we wrap ourselves in these ideologies that make us feel better.
    But hey. Have at it. However, leave our sincerity alone. Because “we” believe as firmly as you do that if you were sincere, you’d know this was crap.

    In summary, God lives the way santa Claus and the tooth fairy live. Because someone somewhere badly needs it to be so.

    Damn, two minutes I’ll never get back.

    • Thank you Pearl.

      If it makes you feel better that you are just existing and do not matter, then, its fine. I would never call it crap.

      It also makes me feel better to realise that God is real to me and I wrote it down. That doesn’t make it crap.

      Thank you for taking your 2mins to read, even though you’d never get it back(lol).

      I really appreciate your feedback.

  2. Excellent and well written TRUTH dear…those who conscience are already being pricked and need to change their ways before its too late, and the time to answer to Him comes

  3. Bisola says:

    Oh! I love this. I still can’t fathom why any person can say God doesn’t exist. He’s the reason why my nose isn’t under my feet, why my brain is in my head and not in my stomach, why liquid sperm enters a womb and a live baby gets formed, why the sky can never fall on top of us, why the dog needs not enter the labour room, As in, this is not a fluke. It’s not evolution. There’s someone behind the logic and perfection and beauty of everything on earth.

    • As in, its not a fluke o, my dear. It is more than the theory of evolution. Science tried but it could not still overlook the existence of God.
      How a baby is formed in the womb is more than fertilization. It is supernatural!!!!
      Let God be true and every man be a liar!!!

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