When One Girl Was Cooking Indomie For My Dad

Once upon a time, Mr Banji came to my house to show me one girl…yellow pawpaw, petite, nails and hair on fleek, does a uniformed job. She was smiling and feeling coy. She looked too good to be true. She must have been feeling on top of the world to have followed him to see me. Emi Mani😀😎

Having spent some time on the street myself, after been privileged to know the mind of young ladies towards old money bags, men who are old enough to be their father, I don know say ‘na dem’. These girls only needed such men as automated teller machine. I sized her up, weighing her brain. I sensed that she didn’t have much sense. But I greeted her enthusiastically.

The poor man had been badgered on every side by his family members,(not that I’m exonerating him too) the ones who dissolved into thin air after he died, that he shouldn’t remain alone. Typical average African mentality. If it was my mother who was alive, no one would ever remember that she would need companionship or that she needed someone to keep her alive longer. Infact, it would be a sacrilege to even insinuate such. Her children were to be her husband.

He had told me he was going to remain single for the rest of his life and I was happy. But I was a real mumu to have believed him anyways. He said and I quote “what do I need a woman for? I don’t want more children. Any woman that comes into my life now would turn my heart away from my children. I don’t want that. Let me just live my life.”

He had even turned to kidbrother jokingly one day and said “T, do you want a younger brother or you want to remain my last born?”

We had all laughed.

Until suddenly,

😁😁😁he said his leg was paining him and he could not get down from the bed.😀😀😀😀😁 He needed someone to be helping him to come down from bed. Inside life fa!!

Not this alone, the house at ibadan was going to crumble if nobody lived there.

I had heard enough. Just do whatever already!!


So, I became angry when he showed me the girl. I would have given anything to have iya onisu take her place honestly. At least iya onisu is old and matured. This girl was my competition. I was annoyed. Infact, I still am. The girl is in my office today but thank God I’m at the HQ while she’s still at my former garki office. People even call her my step mother. See the heavy cross I’m carrying😁🤣🤣my punishment was to be running in to her everyday but that is thankfully over now.

But when did I start getting really angry with this girl gan gan?

It was when my father began to eat Indomie… ayemitemibami!!!! My own father!!!!

Somebody who used to quarrel with my mum over pounded yam. Whose best food was pounded yam and efo riro. Or amala isu. Someone who hated chicken, who never liked jollof. Imagine my horror when my popsie said he was now eating Indomie.

Something must have gone wrong somewhere. Mr Banji never eats such things like Indomie.

After a while, this girl brought her mother to him and they began to ask for heavy cost for marital rights. I didn’t know whether to be laughing or jumping. The girl was from the part of Nigeria where the major population of their girls are being shipped to homes as househelps. Their major occupation was farming. Now, they were demanding heavy costs.

I didn’t say anything.

One day, the girl called me, she was very angry. she was reporting my dad to me after their relationship went sour. Dad was trying to recover everything he had done for her. She even had the gut to tell me on phone that she didn’t beg him for it.

Where you would know that her senselessness was legendary was the fact that she looked round and didn’t see anybody to call except me. Me that I was waiting to roast her. But I spoke to her nicely and promised to help her settle with my dad. I dey craze??😃😀

When he said people were begging him on her behalf, I wore the cap of a tyrant. I spoke to him as if I was his mother. Like a dictator, I threatened him.

“dad, if you ever accept this girl again, I’m disowning you”. I wasn’t sure if he took my threat seriously.😁😀 I could only hope and watch.

Until one day, my dad himself called me and said ‘i will come and see you by weekend to tell you what that girl did to me’. I was now happy.

How did I know the relationship had finally ended?

When he brought the remaining carton of Indomie to my house. I knew it was over forever. He was thanking God too. He said “God saved me from that girl. She would have collected all of your brother’s law school fees from my hand.


Did I do bad????😀


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