When I Went To Kaduna…

In those days, mom would say “what about your friends, so and so? Let me buy you credit so you can call them”. Before I finish rolling my eyes, she has sent her girl to buy me airtime.

These days, life seems to be passing by in a blur. I can’t even remember to keep up with myself nor good ol’ paddies who can never get tired of me.

Anyways, since there is no one to remind me to keep up with the good people in my life, the cosmic was kind to me weeks back when I travelled to KD. I saw two friends within a week.

My friend in KD who I hadn’t seen since she got married and moved from Ibadan and my handsome friend who finished from my school and still went ahead to bag a first class degree in Engineering from Afe Babalola University. He now lectures there in Ado Ekiti. He had called me up too…out of the blues.

OK…so I travelled by train. But I can’t really write about it because I’ve written that story for Bella naija already. I will republish it here soon.

You see, it wasn’t hard to locate my friend’s couture office in Barnawa. It isn’t far from Kaduna Poly. I got to her big office and I was enthralled. I think she has maybe 10 machines.

It was exciting to meet again after many years. We were in Lagos together. Then, Ibadan.

I digress…

Sometimes after my first degree, while waiting for NYSC, I told dear mother to take me to a place in the market where I could learn tailoring. And because mothers always knows best about their child. Not just the best, but they know when they have a lazy child who would never know anything as simple as cutting a piece of cloth, she had sized me up before saying “ehen, I should take you to the market so that you can go and disgrace me abi? The last time when I took you to a tailor, did you go back there?”

Truly she had taken me to a tailor where I showed “expression of interest” but never bothered to resume. In my room afterwards, I had thought of how they would send me to buy amala and abula or how I would go to oga’s house to sweep and I reasoned that I could never do that.

The other silent reason which I failed to acknowledge is the fact that I can never be a good seamstress. I am too lazy to work the machine with my feeble legs or bend my head over a piece of cloth. Who wants to die? I don’t think I can ever be an entrepreneur. Maybe a writerpreneur. But not a merchandise or fabricpreneur or any other type of preneur.

OK, so my friend went the whole nine yards, she learnt and conquered. And when she showed me the machine she recently bought, I was so proud of her. In my heart, I admired her sense of duty. If you see the way she holds sway in her big office, you’d feel like working your legs on the machine.

She even makes wedding dresses. Fancy ones. And I saw what I failed to be. She’s good at it effortlessly. That’s why its always good to “slay in your lane”. She’s slaying in her lane in Kaduna. She’s living the dream and I will always be proud of her. Even if I tried, or went through it, I could never have been half as good a seamstress as she is. So, I will rather slay in my writing lane.

I had even forgotten to take along her copy of my novel. “Hello, I am not with your book o. Shulai still come?”

“Yes now”, she had responded over the phone.

We gisted. But time was short on this day. I had to catch up with the 6 0’clock train back to base. I left almost 5pm and took a long bike ride to Rigasa. I almost got lost. She had waved at me after i boarded a bus, but when I told the driver I was going to the train station, he asked me to get down and take another bus backwards. Only that it was to a different station that plied Kaduna-Minna and Kaduna-Lagos.


I met a school colleague on the train. It was very cold inside that train. I got to abuja almost 8pm. The first thing I did was to trek down to a suya joint. I got suya and went home.

I saw my other friend the next day. He was in my area fortunately. We sat somewhere on the street and talked. About weddings, about in-laws, about ceremonies, about life. He would be getting married in December.

I have been meeting friends this year. Since March. I think that’s a good thing.


This is a random post. Okbye!!!


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September 16, 2018 at 4:28 pm

See me o! Let me put address; Mapo plaza, 20 Aliyu Makama road, barnawa.

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September 16, 2018 at 4:35 pm

Yetunde come to Lagos na

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