When God’s Heart Is Broken(Part 5)….Moyosore Teniola



Gaining admission into an higher institution of learning be it University, Polytechnic, College of Education, e.t.c is an achievement, that is indisputably true, but what some ladies are doing in order to achieve this is so disheartening. Many of them sleep with men just to gain admission into college and it’s so unfortunate that most of them are being denied the admission at the end.


Even if you eventually get admitted in the end, what would you have gained after you might have defiled yourself just because you want to become a campus student at all cost? It does not worth it at all. That admission is not your gain because your body which is God’s temple is an inestimable treasure whose value can never be compared with that very admission that you traded it for.


It is like giving out Billions of Dollars just to buy a piece of cake of #50, the value of which does not last.No matter how long you have been trying to get an admission into University or Polytechnic, you should never descend so low to selling your body in the process.


Now, I understand that it’s not easy to stay at home for a long time seeking an admission because i have been there too, i spent five good years of my life writing my ‘O’ levels and JAMB over and over again but It is not an excuse for you as a lady to flirt around with men in the name of gaining an admission.

Instead of been frustrated because of idleness, why don’t you engage yourself in learning a skill or getting a job till your dreams are fulfilled?


Your body is so sacred, you must not trade it on the alter of fornication for anything in this world. Come to think of it, how about if that year’s admission is not God’s timing for you yet? Maybe God want you to be in a better school. For a child of God, nothing just happen, everything is for a reason and all things work together for good for God’s children.


Because your name did not appear on all the batches of the admission list, it’s not the time to start lobbying your way through for your name to appear on the supplementary list. Beware! Lest you come across one of the ‘predators’ who specializes in taking an advantage of girls because of their desperation.


Hmmmmmmmmm, How many virginity, virtue and even glory has been lost because of admission?! Why not choose to believe in God and wait for your time? God forbid, but we have heard of stories of ladies whose life were utterly destroyed in this ungodly act.


My lady, a word they say is enough for the wise. Be careful not to fall prey of these ‘Casanovas’. Trust in God and wait for your own time. God is never too late. HIS ways are not our ways…

God bless you as you do so.

Stay tuned for part 6.

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I care for you ❤

Moyosore Teniola
Esteem Ladies Foundation.


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