What is it about Nigerian women and modern telenovellas?

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Fine, It’s the same way we all stay glued to our TV set in the 90s watching “Arelu” and “Agbara Nla”(of the mount Zion series), checkmate among many other popular television series of those times. So, it’s not a new thing. But this wasn’t just limited to women. It was the whole family-father, mother, kids.
But, compared to those times, modern film making has evolved. And with the advent of digital television, the addiction to TV series has moved a notch higher than in yesteryears.
You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge now possessed by women through watching of television series on DSTV channels. When a group of women sit down and begin to argue over a particular series on zee world, you will be shocked not only by the commitment they put into watching these series but also by the number of Nigerian women following it. Where you find a woman watching telemundo or zee world, every other thing at that moment is put at a pause-dishes, food, kitchen etc
Where do they get the time? I have asked myself severally. Even the regular 8-5pm working class woman finds a way to watch any of the series.
Just a quick question- these telenovellas-are they necessary evils or not? What is it about Nigerian women and ZeeWorld, Telemundo etc

1) Women are emotional beings; those telenovellas are full of emotionally gripping stories that sets the heart ablaze. They are basically stories of love and every woman resonates with this. This is why these telenovellas boast of a huge female followership.

2)The characters are always well dressed; most of the female characters in those telenovellas almost always look flawless with perfect skin tones placed in nice dresses and eye catching stilettos. This is enough to catch the fancy of thousands of women.

These are only few out of many reasons. However it gets pretty annoying when:
1)The female boss walks in through the door early in the morning, looks at the central TV and begins to ask what happened to ‘Vadya’ or ‘Krishi’ in the last episode. Then, she lingers for more minutes searching through the channels before she saunter into her office to begin the day’s work.
2)The TV comes on after a power outage and automatically starts from Zee world after booting.
3) You get to work in the morning and some people already have the TV on either of these channels.(even some guys are guilty too, not just females)
4)IF you can’t be them and don’t join them, you are in another world. You can’t just gist with them(when Vadya is the topic of interest)#sighs#
5)The same cycle/trend continues the next day….


Yetunde Olasiyan
July 2016


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April 14, 2017 at 8:20 pm

Lol at bringbackarelu. That made me smile, and when I saw the comment that followed .
To be honest, I do watch telenovelas. I like the TV being on and it’s a great way to put on the tvand listen with half a ear, while you do other stuff. Plus if you miss an episode or a day, it’s no big deal. The drama is never ending.
And the days I have the time to watch closely, still fun.

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