Welcome February

I had to drag myself here. Its been ages. January had been full of experiences. The good outweighing the bad.
There have been some changes too. Positive ones.

I am thankful to be alive. I am willing to take on February with a fresh bust of energy. Today could have been Mr Banji’s birthday, 1st Feb, but life happened so I ate a lot of fried yam to his memory today. Yeah.


So, I got moved from the beautiful, serene, cosmopolitan streets of Asokoro to the tapping, lively and adventurous heart of Garki. Garki is closer to my dreams. It is closer to what tickles my fancy. It is closer to Sahad stores, H-medix, fried yam seller, booli and epa woman as well as ‘our pounded yam joint’.  I have since visited the fried yam seller and I daily keep a date with the booli woman.

This change is phenomenal because I wasn’t looking for it. I honestly didn’t see it coming. I have been missing my friends ever since. It was really emotional when I had to leave on Monday morning..

My female boss had made me promise to always visit. My colleagues….at least one of them asked why I would go.
OBF1’s eyes changed to red. The red eyes symbolises seriousness when he wants to talk to me. Then, he said
“Ola, I am going to miss you. I ………..”

I stood there, enjoying the moment, the fleeting period of his heartfelt confession, the flicker of his eyes, his look of dejection, the words he could not say, those he passed across through silence and long gaze. And I smiled. Then he asked

” what do you have to say to everything I have said”
And I smiled again and said
“Thank you for telling me everything”
After buying me a drink, he followed me around, back to my office downstairs and saw me off to the gate. He promised to come visit me in Garki.

Today, true to his words, I saw his call. He had been waiting. But I was in Wuse 2.
We finally met after I got back. He gave me the IPad I told him to repair. He had used almost all his money. I repayed his kindness by giving him the half eaten roasted plantain and groundnut in my hands. I watched him as he ate….

Now, OBF2 had been moved to Garki long before me. He only loitered around my office in the mornings, waiting for me to come and still came around just to see me or call for lunch.

So, I avoided him on the first day in Garki. He was mad… But today, we sat together close to my dad’s office and gisted away.
I didn’t go with him for lunch. I went back inside the chambers.

Now, I have to take a bow when going out of the chamber whenever any of “The Lords” are presiding.
I had an injury on my leg mid January.

I couldn’t walk for some days. And when I finally resumed after a week, I was forced to be wearing long gowns and skirts. The first day I appeared so, everyone laughed at me. They know I am not a fan of long skirts. I endured the routine for days.

But tomorrow, for the first time since the injury, I can wear my short skirt on a blazer. Glory!!!!!

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