Weekend Chronicles

Remember my neighbor who makes badass jollof? Her husband dropped three tubers of yam in front of my door yesterday afternoon while I was sleeping. My door was locked permanently throughout yesterday because I slept throughout. When I woke up after the second round of sleep and opened my window, he knocked and said he left something for me by my door. Then, he drove out. I went out and met this.👉👉👉


So I quickly went upstairs to thank his wife. I was so happy ehn. Yam is my best food. With eggs. And I didn’t even have any yam at home.
As I was about to leave her house, she went to her freezer and brought out chunks of raw meat for me. I was lost for words. I went to say thank you for the yams and I got meat too.

And to think I wanted to leave this house. I went in search of apartments in the middle of this year and couldn’t see any one I liked. So I painfully paid again. I wanted to leave because I am tired of the environment and my walls are peeling.

Infact, each time I look at my wall, I remember Beyonce’s song, the one we mastered so well in secondary school and used to claim big girl that year.

“Remember those walls I built
Baby they are tumbling down
They didn’t even put up a fight
They didn’t even make a sound
I found a way to let you in
Bla bla….. “

If you didn’t sing or cram ‘halo’ by Beyonce that year, then your teenage years aren’t complete. Go back and complete your teenage years in Ibadan please.

The walls in my room right now are tumbling down without putting up a fight or making a sound.
And it irritates me every blessed day. It annoys me. The walls need screeding. My landlord is a very nice man but he won’t do it for me. He actually tried doing it last year when I complained but he ended up painting my house with pink instead of burnt orange.

I was saying, if I had left, I wouldn’t have been blessed with yams and meat. Now, yesterday wasn’t the first time she gave me meat. She brought meat for me last month or so. She said her husband brought plenty so she came to give me out of it. She then promised that she’d always give me meat whenever they have.

She brought me peppered meat during the last sallah. Even the jollof she gave me two years ago, I’ve not repaid that kindness till date. You all read that story about how my gas finished as I was trying to cook fried rice that year.

This is the only neighbor whose house I enter freely…like thrice in a year that is. She comes to my apartment more. I’m not good with visits.
I should improve and go out more next year. I was invited to a book launch somewhere in Wuse today but I developed this huge headache after church. The fear of coming back home when it’s dark also kept me indoors.

Milord lost his inlaw today. I just saw that on the Court’s Whatsapp group. Speaking of Whatsapp, I hate that app so much😁
That’s why you can hardly catch me there. There are messages I forget to respond to. And again, because Milord is on my Whatsapp, that’s why I don’t have a profile picture there. I don’t want him to catch me on one of my crazy days or see my shenanigans when i’d be eating kilishi and making a video of it to spite my friend, prisca’s diary. He can’t even see my status😁

While I’m here waiting for my slaughtered cow parts in few days, let me go and cook the meat my neighbor gave me.



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December 11, 2019 at 6:34 pm

So you had the guts to talk about that humiliating video of kilishi-massacre???
We shall see!
What I will say is this…beware of near every now and then o. I won’t say why so as not to scare you.
Beautiful Story

December 12, 2019 at 5:11 pm

So you’re happy about that video right?
You will meet me there!
Sha be careful about collecting meat o. Remember, too much meat isn’t healthy…there are ways to utilise the meat healthily.
See me in private
Lovely post dear

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