It was only recently that I came to understand the real meaning of vanity. I discovered that I have only been paying lip service to that word. Maybe I never really understood it.

I guess its the same for most people. We don’t really understand the meaning of that word. We only express it. It is way deeper than we think.

But now, I have a better understanding of that popular statement…”vanity upon vanity, all is vanity”. If you ask me what vanity is, I can give you a public lecture on it.


This….is what vanity means….
The end of all men

Even The Great Commander Ebenezer Obey had to use it as a lyric in one of his popular albums.

Vanity means all your labour, wealth you have amassed whether ill-gotten or legit aren’t going anywhere with you.
Vanity means the best house you have slaved to build will later be inhabited by rodents. Who told you your kids would choose to live in the house you built in your village.


Here is a little view of my father’s sprawling edifice….none of us kids live there

Vanity means you can’t wear your best clothes or shoes forever.
Vanity means you will die naked.
Vanity means all your certificates are going to be useless one day.

And so, when you are consumed by people, situation, things, possessions and wealth, it shows how vain and short -sighted you are.
Except of course, you want to live here forever.

But whether by design or by predestination, no one is going to live here forever. You don’t have a say on that. You can’t simply choose to exist on earth forever.

Because even the earth won’t exist forever.
For agnostics and atheists, I hope you won’t bring any debate to the table. It’s either you continue to wish God away, take this article as trash or accept that you are just exercising some arrogance with your borrowed existence which is gradually flipping away.

Pray, there was once a man who had it all….influence, women, wine, wealth, power and yet he also confirmed that “all is vanity”
He said there’s nothing better for a man than to eat, drink, make merry in the fleeting days of his life. And that the ability/grace to even eat/drink/make merry is a gift from God.

So, if everything around us is vanity, what really matter then?

If everything wouldn’t make sense eventually, what would really count?
It is who you are
It is what you have done
It is what you did and covered… You think its a secret and no one would know. Well, someone knows.

It is how you treat people, strangers, your family
It is how you respond to situations.
So what have you done? With your life, with the lifes committed into your hands.


Can the earth testify positively to your existence?
Have you made any difference?
Have you paid back good with evil?


Think about this.

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