Today Is One Of My Bravest Day On Earth

Today is one of my bravest day on earth- I took the yellow fever vaccine without being held down by two strong agile men😀😁😂.


Maybe you don’t understand. I fear the needle so much. For someone who wasn’t immunised as a baby-(i don’t have that strong mark that everyone had/used to have on their left shoulder while growing up).


DearMother said I was fainting so they got scared and released me from the needle. I went home and grew strong and healthy nothwithstanding.

I was returning home on Friday when I saw their banner somewhere and it read ‘from 0-44years’. I made a mental note to go back there. But I didn’t know how my Saturday went. I just woke up this morning and realised it was Sunday already.

Today, they came to church and as we filed out after service, we surrendered to them.
I saw a man holding his upper arm after being vaccinated and I asked if it was painful

He shook his head in the negative. Then, I summoned courage and removed my jacket.
I felt it a little when she put the needle inside my skin and as she was just about to remove it, there was this pain like pepper that seized my arm. I stood there like a statue.

Till I got home, I was still feeling the peppery sensation. I slept off for the first time ever without first thinking about dead people, money, the long day ahead tomorrow, iya kabba’s jollof rice in Garki, iya onibooli in front of my office gate and other sundry issues. All thanks to the vaccine.

Now that I took the vaccine, I feel like I just accomplished something very great in life. Infact, I am feeling on top of the world. For me to walk with my two legs to a vaccination booth and get myself vaccinated unaided is no mean feat. As in….

I also know that you can’t enter some African countries without your yellow fever card. You will have to pay for it, get immunised and you get the card.

The other day, when my head started banging in the court room and I was having some feverish conditions, I had gone to the clinic in asokoro. The young doctor, after asking me the usual “when was your last period”😂😁😀 question

To which I quickly replied, this time non-irritating because now, I have gotten used to being asked that question as a female.
I used to get angry before but now I will even remind any doctor if he fails to ask me.

It is the typical troubleshooting question doctors ask women who come to the hospital to complain of malaria when it might actually be pregilaria.

Well, my legs were not swollen neither was I spitting🤣🤣My head was just banging heavily as if it would fall off.
He wrote some things on the prescription paper and handed it to me.

“We will give you an injection to stop the pain in your head”

Injection ko, injection ni

I screamed.
“Doctor, if na joke make you stop am o. I don’t want injection abeg. Injection kwa! I can’t take any injection. Just give me drugs”.
“But didn’t you just say your head ……”
“Never mind that I said that. Just write drugs”

I really pitied the guy. He was trying to be good to me but my scream had made him look as if he was a bad person.

He shook his head and wrote the drugs.
“Go to the pharmacy and take the drugs. Make sure you eat before taking it”
“Thanks doc” , I was so relieved.

I can’t wait to get to the office tomorrow to brag to everyone that I took the vaccine.
Have you taken yours?

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