Time Changes Yesterday ……… by Teniola Moyosore


There is a time in a woman’s life when ‘beauty’ seems to be at its peak. I mean beauty that makes one glow with or without make up. I experienced it in my teenage years up to my late twenties. I look back at those years now and I realise that for everything, there is a time. Well, I am still beautiful with a glowing touch of mother hood! (smiles). It is glowing because I am a woman of purpose and vision.

From the age of fourteen upwards, an average girl is expected to have reached puberty with obvious signs of woman hood approaching. At this period, her beauty starts to blossom and she is somehow aware of this but most times still naive.


Everywhere she goes to, there are admirers and toasters… Men will be chasing her up and down as if she is a beauty pageant. As a result, she starts to be conscious of her appearance and tend to improve on her ‘looking good’ skills.


Dear Lady, you need to know that this period is the most delicate in a woman’s life. The kind of life style you choose to live at this period determines your future. The consequences of the choice you make (be it good or bad) will stick to you for the rest of your life.


It is not a crime to be beautiful and looking good is paramount, it is expedient for every woman. However, in your blooming years, when you are glowing with so much radiance, what kind of lifestyle do you choose to live?


Are you investing in your life or wasting it away? At school, do you strive to have good grades? If you are learning a skill, do you aim at being the best among your equals? Beauty without brain and purpose is useless.

Do not be one of those ladies that believe that since they have good looks, they can easily hook up with a rich man that will. ‘bear their load’ (take up their responsibilities).


Which load? Even men do not want to marry a woman with ‘loads’. No man will appreciate a woman of no ambition. You need to enrich your life with virtues and now is the time.


As you take care of your good looks, also be conscious of the fact that you are not getting any younger. If you think you are on top of the world presently, you will realise very soon that Time changes Yesterday and you will find yourself at the bottom of the same world.


Do not be deceived by the number of men chasing you now, when you grow older, after they might have been through with you, they move on to someone else.


On the other hand, if you make up your mind to be diligent now and you become an Achiever, you will have a whole lot of men of quality and substance around you who will want you, not in ‘their beds’ but they will desire you because of the woman you have become, a woman of dignity, a woman that stands out.


Don’t forget! What you will become years from now is determined by the choices you make at the moment.

The most attractive woman on earth is a woman of purpose. Let your vision and your purpose drive you.

*Please share with your female friends and sisters.

Much love

Teniola Moyosore

Esteem Ladies’ Foundation(Facebook)


She has won many awards in writing and poetry amongst which are CLO essay competition (1st Prize Southwest) NDIC essay competition(5th Prize in the southwest) and a World Bank Essay Certificate of Participation She has worked with woman.ng as a content editor and a host of sites as a ghost writer. She has written great inspirational content for fashion brands/blogs. She has been featured on radio and recently added public speaking to her portfolio. You can hire her to write a professional/business profile for you, online content editing, book editing, guest blogging, ghostwriting, content creation or if you need copies of her book, contact her via nikeolasiyan@yahoo.com Facebook.com/Yetunde Olasiyan instagram.com/Yetunde Olasiyan Follow her business page on Instagram @officialladywriter


May 25, 2017 at 9:29 am

I love this. Young ladies need to be aware that beauty and good looks are not the true path to success, peace of mind,and wealth.. Purpose and vision and walking with God is.

Their bodies aren’t a tool of batter to make a good life for themselves or change their status. Men are not magas to bid for their bodies and they get to choose the highest bidder. Their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the decision of their youth stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Thanks for sharing. I need to check her out on facebook sef.

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