The “Orisirisi” in Naij

If you are a full-bloodied Nigerian, you have to learn to take your destiny into your own hands. The earlier you start, the better for you. Survival here is a mean game and only the ruthless and rugged break through the jinx and live to tell the story. Why am I saying this?
Well, this is Nigeria where greed is the hallmark of statemanship. A land where people easily invent lies to swindle the nation and get away with it. This brings me to the story of Daniel, the Nigerian boy who dared the lion’s den on that flight to nowhere. If not for divine grace,he definitely would have been ground to powder though he ended up in lasgidi(good,old lasgidi) instead of America.
Everyone knows America to be the land of dreams. Any wonder then God’s own country opens its door every year through visa lottery. But Daniel Oikhena didn’t want to wait. The DV lottery is for gamblers who have patience to spare.
At his young age,he had since realised that in Nigeria, there is no fat bone for a patient dog. Because the masters wouldn’t let any crumbs drop from their tables. So he reasoned that the earlier he escaped the horrors of Nigeria, where dreams die before they berth, the better for him.
Everybody knows the story, he was caught in lagos and now has a good story to tell with a scholarship in his trail. He took a damn, hard risk. Now, even his father who had abandoned his family long before the incident, surfaced and claimed he wanted to see him.
Hold your breath a little, what about the boys in the creek? Do you hear about them again? No, because they are the big boys in Abuja now(the kingpins). If you have not heard this then, hear it now. No fewer than 186 former militants from the Niger Delta region who were recently rehabilitated under the Federal Government. Amnesty programme have departed for further studies in selected South African and United Kingdom Univerisities.
According to national news, the latest batch which left through the MMIA, Ikeja in september brings to 16,683 the number of former militants so far sent to foreign universities by FG since the programme started in 2010. 60 would undergo a 12-month training in south africa as offshore medic, a field of study which is highly sought after in the oil and gas industry. The other 126 would undergo full degree and postgraduate programmes in the UK and Ireland.
What did they do to merit all that? They carried arms, they protested. So if you are still folding your arms, you are in for a lonnng thing. If you graduated with a first class or with anything at all or you have masters/Ph.D and you are still disillusioned, go and carry arms. That is the language Ebele understands. If you like you can come to Apo(that’s where the senate president and most of them live) or eagle square to kidnap people. But, please inform me if you are coming to eagle square because I sometimes go there to eat iyan in the afternoon. If you want to bomb Apo, please let me know too because I just moved from there but a friend still lives there. What do you think?

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October 3, 2013 at 5:52 pm

Honestly, u are right. God shld just help person for dis country fa. I know say ” ama ri tiwa se” through decent means by God’s grace.

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