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The moderator continued: “I welcome you all to this year’s Single Sisters’ Conference which is tagged ‘FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE’. My name is Catherine Adams. I pray we shall all be richly blessed in Jesus name.
(Amen! The audience chorused)

Now, say to your neighbour, ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made!
(Audience replies)
I can’t hear you, turn to another neighbour and say ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made!’
(Audience responds, getting excited)
Now, where are the Pretty Plump sisters in our midst? I want you to locate the Cute Slim sisters and say to each other, I mean, say it like you mean it, say it with Jesus’s confidence: ‘I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!!!’

‘Alright now,’ continued the moderator, ‘Do we have Beautiful Ebony black sisters in the house?’ I want you to say Hi!’
Sisters: Hiiiiiiiiii!!!
‘Very good’
Now, where are the Beautiful, Fair sisters in the house?
‘We are here!’ the fair skinned sisters shouted excitedly.
‘Good,’ the moderator continued.
Now again, with Jesus’s Joy, I want you both to locate each other and say ‘I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!!!’
The ladies, with excitement did as they were instructed.
‘Please give yourselves a round of applause! You all are wonderful!…’

At this point, the whole hall was already filled with great ecstasy as all the sisters cheered wildly, glowing with increased excitement.
The moderator continued. ‘Are we happy right now?’
‘Yes!’ The ladies responded gleefully.
‘Good, it is testimony time and I will like you all to put your hands together for Sister Caroline as she comes forward to share her testimony.’
Everyone applauded as Sister Caroline, a plump, cheerful sister climbed the Podium. She beamed with smiles revealing a perfect set of white teeth!

Sis. Caroline: ‘Thanks everybody. I am honoured to stand before you all to share my testimony about how I got married to the man of my dreams at the age of 35. Oh! lest I forget, I am married now but this time last year, I was a single lady! I used to think my stature had been a major reason for my delayed marriage so I tried using some slimming tea to trim my body but to no avail until I met my husband who confessed to me that my shape is the perfect type he had always desired…

The ladies planning to get some slimming tea earlier glanced at each other, readjusts themselves on their seats and glued their eyes on Sister Caroline as she continued her testimony.

Sister Caroline continued. “I have always been ashamed of being a fat lady. I never saw anything good about my stature. I thought I am just abnormally different. My self esteem diminished gradually the more I grew and I usually see other ladies as better and luckier than I am.

The worst part of it is that I have not been very lucky in my relationships. I believed the men didn’t get along with me because I wasn’t good enough for them. So I sank in the valley of self condemnation while I admired the slim friends I had and kept wishing I had a body like theirs.

A friend introduced me to slimming tea, so I started drinking it but it seemed not to work for me. Not because slimming tea is bad or that it’s not effective but probably because God knows my future already and the fact that becoming slim will rob me of HIS choice for my life. You see, all our stories have been written on HIS palms and in HIS books, so for everyone in this world, God has a reason for creating you the way you are, stop wanting to be like someone else…

I gained my freedom the day I stumbled across that Scripture in Psalms 139:14 which says: ‘I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are thy works…’ I began to ponder seriously on this Bible verse. If truly I am carefully made by God and that God was thinking of me when HE was forming me, then it is an error to think that I am ugly! And that was the beginning of my pathway to being set free from the bondage of low self esteem and loving me!

I began to have a different mindset about myself. I was no longer ashamed of my stature. I started taking very good care of my skin. I ate healthy foods, mostly fruits and vegetables. I put on nice well fitted attires that enhanced my beauty. In short, i fell in love with who I am! I made sure I wear a smile everywhere I went to.I walked tall with a renewed confidence. Before I knew it, I started glowing, my beauty started coming out more than ever before. Everyone around me both at work and church couldn’t help but notice this and they passed nice compliments about my latest looks which added to my morale.

Unknown to me, God had been leading a Brother in my church to propose marriage to me. His name is Olajide (now my husband). He was really sure that I will be his wife but he had been hesitant about coming to me. The reason for his hesitation is that I had always hidden myself in church. I scarcely participate in church activities. I used to be ashamed of walking around in church not to talk of mingling, wearing loose dresses that made me look many years older than my age was another unfair attitude I had towards myself. I never cared about wearing smart outfits because I thought it wasn’t necessary, afterall it wouldn’t hide my real body (Smiles).

So when Bro Jide saw a brand new me, his likeness for me grew. He noticed that my relationship with people at church increased gradually, I laughed easily and got more friends.
My sisters, One fateful Sunday, Olajide walked up to me after church service and uttered a statement that sounded like a bombshell!”


‘I can still remember his words vividly,’ Sister Caroline continued, ‘he came out in a simple straight sentence: ‘I appreciate everything about you Sister Caroline, I have been praying about you all this while and now I am sure of God’s choice for me, please will you be my wife?’

I was dizzy for only God knows how many seconds. I looked around me to be sure that I was the one he was addressing. ‘Where is that coming from’ I thought or ‘Am I dreaming?’ Bro Jide is the last person I thought would ever desire me. He was the dream husband of almost all the sisters at church. Why because he is an example of a man who has a great passion for God and eschews immorality. I prayed about his proposal and I had peace within me about him. I agreed to marry him. We courted for eight months and today, to the glory of God, we are happily married.

God’s ways indeed are not our ways. Join me in praising God, I have seen HIS goodness!’
Sister Caroline stepped down from the podium amidst a standing ovation from the audience. All the Sisters in the hall shouted ‘I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!’ over and over again…


My dearest sister, such is life. What you do not like about yourself or what you think is not good enough in your physical feature is what someone else admires. What gives you the impression that your complexion is not okay? You want to bleach your skin because you think fair skinned ladies appeal more to men than dark ones? That’s a terrible lie! As a matter of fact, I have someone close to me that appreciates dark ladies more, he believes they are more beautiful. That is to tell you that someone somewhere appreciates your physical feature more than you do.

Are you plump? Don’t think slim ladies are better than you are. Are you short? Do not desire to be tall. You see, God knew what HE was doing when HE was forming you. HE was thinking about you, HE knew your future from your very beginning and HE formed you beautifully. God has a plan for everyone so stop wanting to be like another. When you look at others and you always have the thought that they are better than you, it is a sign of a low self esteem which is not healthy for you.

Whether you are brown, yellow, black, tall, short, slim, fat, big eyeball, tiny eyeball, whatever your feature is, LOVE YOURSELF. Be proud of yourself. Be satisfied with yourself.
Loving oneself is the pathway to peace and freedom.
So my sisters, the first person you must fall in love with after God is YOU 👉
Appreciate yourself, celebrate yourself. You are Beautiful!
You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.
God bless you.

***THE END***

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