Hey! Are you 👉 a woman? Please spare a few minutes of your time to read this.


Most Women don’t take care of themselves anymore once they start having children.They have forgotten that Men always want to see that “same girl” they fell in love with day after day. Yes, you are of a godly character but how about hygiene and dressing?


My sister, Don’t look so old because you are a mother.
Don’t be too spiritual please, and as a matter of fact, Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Dress well, smell nice and look good. Am not saying you should dress in a provocative manner but like a beautiful creature of God. Be smart in your dressing.
Let your man still see you and fall in love with you over and over again.


Now, I understand that by the time one start having children, looking good is sort of a hard work. Before we take care of our husband, children and house chores… BUT we can do it!💪 Aren’t we women? We have the grace to do that which we purpose in our hearts to do. It is all about planning.


Do not allow your hair to start smelling before you think of washing and plaiting another one. Even if you are not buoyant enough, there are cheap African styles that you can weave that will make you look more beautiful and younger. And I bet it that most men even appreciate those cheap hairstyles better than the modern ones.


Before you start lamenting that your husband no longer find you attractive like before, hey! Have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror lately? You don’t expect your husband to be attracted to a rough, smelling, sweating, dirty wife!
Am sorry my words may be harsh but it is the pure and bitter truth.

Take your bath as many times as possible especially when you are having your menstrual flow. Bathing is one of the most important activity in the life of a woman. Do not eat junks, eat more of fruits and other healthy recipes. Work on yourself. Be neat, be beautiful, be gorgeous.


Gone are the days when people regard the dirty wives as the most hard working. It’s a new age!
You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, do not re-construct yourself to something else. Let your husband look forward to seeing your gorgeous beauty everyday.

I pray God help you.

Have a blessed day

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Moyosore Teniola
Esteem Ladies Foundation

She has won many awards in writing and poetry amongst which are CLO essay competition (1st Prize Southwest) NDIC essay competition(5th Prize in the southwest) and a World Bank Essay Certificate of Participation She has worked with as a content editor and a host of sites as a ghost writer. She has written great inspirational content for fashion brands/blogs. She has been featured on radio and recently added public speaking to her portfolio. You can hire her to write a professional/business profile for you, online content editing, book editing, guest blogging, ghostwriting, content creation or if you need copies of her book, contact her via Olasiyan Olasiyan Follow her business page on Instagram @officialladywriter

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