That Time That Dad Begged Me To study Medicine..

I was studying Biology but very unhappy. It didn’t make sense that I had to accept that amoeba existed without necessarily seeing it except for inside the textbook. It was so vague. Did I ever see an amoeba in school? No, the microscopes were bad.

You are about to read the secret of my life😁😀😂😂😂😂😂😂

I wasn’t good in maths.

I hated phychembio.

Yet I was in the sciences.

What the heck was I doing there when I hated the entire subjects that made up the sciences?

How can I forget how organic chemistry dealt with me in part 2? CHM 222 almost finished my life.😀 There were about 4-5 lecturers taking only that course.

One of the lecturers was an old man who used to come to class and sing “wherever you go…gogogongo”

“Wherever you be, sisi eko’

“Do not say yes, when you mean to say no, baba ibadan’.

So I gave up on chemistry and told myself it was over. Everyone in my class of about 400-450 students in part 2 failed that course except for about 10 people or thereabout who managed to scale through. I don’t know if some of my undergrad friends still read this blog, but they would bear witness that we later had to look for a 200L chemistry student to tutor us when we got to part 5. After failing it in part 2, I didn’t do it again. Some of my friends kept repeating it and they failed beautifully for about three consecutive times.

Why did I postpone it till part 5? Someone had whispered to me that the chemistry Dept would do let my people go once we got to part 5. So I cashed in on it.😀

So, one day I was with my dad in ikoyi. He had just lost his brilliant son, a medical doctor who died in an accident. He was so sober. He looked into my eyes and said

” Yetunde, I want you to study medicine. You are the only one among my children who has the capacity to read like late doctor. I don’t mind buying you all the textbooks all over again. I will pay all your school fees. I will do everything in my power to assist you”

I asked him only one question


And he said

“I like that course because it’s a compassionate job. Ise aanu ni. And I love it so much”.

I didn’t say anything afterwards. I collected what I went to collect and left. I didn’t give him an answer and he never asked me again.

The man didn’t know what I went through in school. He had no inkling that sciences nearly made a mess of my academics and made me doubt if I was even cut out for school😂😁😁lmao(even if I didn’t go to school, I wouldn’t have learnt any trade too. One time after University graduation, mummy took me to a tailor’s shop on my request to learn tailoring. I never resumed. I don’t know what I would have done with my life😂😁)

In my science based secondary school, I was thrown into the midst of sharks like Seun Morawo who is now a medical doctor, Kayode Obilaja…who showed wizardry in chemistry, people like Theophilus Ajiro, Nike Winjobi, a physiotherapist, Bolanle Ashaye, Bisi Martins (pharmacists), Aanu Olowolafe and a whole lot of them. How did I survive amidst the children of blood and Bone? Children who went for blood in every phychembio exam?

So dad wanted to kill me. Study medicine? Death by hanging!!!!

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