Tales From The Window

You know that stuff that happened to the biblical David? When he was walking on the rooftop while others had gone to war and he saw a beautiful woman bathing?

Something close to it happened to me.

Only that I was not walking on the rooftop….I was just in my room. I peeped out of the window early one morning. Say three years ago.

I did not see a naked man or woman. Instead, I saw my neighbor and his wife.

Only my neighbor upstairs and I leave home so early. Sometimes we get to the gate at the same time or I see him walking ahead.

On that day, I was still putting finishing touches to my imaginary make-up-just checking out my plain black face in my bedroom mirror hung close to the window when I sited them. They live upstairs. My flat stands alone. And I can see everyone or everything that goes on through my bedroom window.

He was leaving as usual. She was seeing him off, wearing her silky pink nightwear- a short and top that leaves nothing to the imagination. It was in the early days of their marriage. She stood by the last stair and waved him bye. He looked left and right. When he looked right, I quickly dunked. I needn’t have done that anyways. Even if my window was closed, I would be seeing them but they would not see me.


He moved back alil bit. He was now at the same height with her. He quickly pulled her close and kissed her. I almost began to count the seconds. But I thought against it. Is it my kiss?

As I was thinking it in my mind, they were still kissing. I was getting angry already.💋💋💋💋 So I turned away. But I could not bear it. I decided to look again😉😉😉. They had separated and he was now on his way to the gate.

I counted 1-10, prayed against arrows of environmental nuisance, covered my eyes with the blood of Jesus and came out of my house.

Men and brethren, all I kept seeing throughout my entire day in court was their kissing faces. The look, the way he pulled her, what she wore. I imagined how he would race back home from the office.

I suffered. But I forgave them and took it in my strides. I was seeing public display of affection for the first time. Till today, they thought nobody saw them.

However, few months down the line, I heard a shout. Honestly, this is where marriage confuses me. There was a scream. In the wee hours of the night. Maybe around midnight. It was his voice I heard.

“get out of my house”. By then, she was heavily pregnant.

She was crying. He was shoving her off the stairs. I panicked. I was on my way to my door when I noticed that another neighbor was already out faster than me. She went to pick her to spend the night with her. She landed at the hospital that same week and had an emergency CS.

One time they could not have enough of each other so much that she escorted him every morning and they stole kisses at the foot of the stairs. The next time, he wanted nothing to do with her again.


I used to have another neighbor. Both the husband and wife were nice and close to me. They did things together. This time, she had just had a baby. It was few days after the baby came. After like ten days, I heard screams. I knew he had started again.

I was going to rescue her. Like I used to do.

So I ran to their door when she kept screaming. He had locked the door. I ran to the kitchen door. It was locked too. He deliberately locked everywhere so that there would be no means of escape. He beat her silly. I kept hearing the sound and my heart was pounding. I went back to my apartment begging God on her behalf.

Last last, it was settled. And they are still together.

Moral: I only wanted to say that you should mind how you peep through windows. I didn’t plan to tell all these plenty tales. I don’t even know why I wrote them. God haff mercy.


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