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How Can You Be So Cheap?

This piece was written by Moyosore Teniola…Enjoy!!! On a cool evening sometime in 2010, when I was still a student at the Polytechnic, I was with my friend who managed a call centre business...

Am I this Beautiful? 5

Am I this Beautiful?

Have you ever experienced a situation whereby people, especially men pass you a compliment that you are so beautiful? I am certain that you must have received such a compliment at one time or...

If I were 22…..
  by Omobolanle Adeyemo 0

If I were 22….. by Omobolanle Adeyemo

If I were 22, I wouldn’t be thinking of Marriage next year, in two or even in 3 years. Maybe I’d begin giving it a thought in 5 years or more (if there’s a...