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Boarding House Memoirs….Episode 5 2

Boarding House Memoirs….Episode 5

Apart from the grass cutting issue in school, mum had erroneously signed me off to a senior innocently. It was just a “please keep an eye on her” she told this senior which automatically...

Boarding House Memoirs…Episode 4 1

Boarding House Memoirs…Episode 4

After dinner, there was ‘prep’ and night prayers. We all converged at the dinning hall again. Then, the daily ritual, nay nightmare began.. The whole rosary must be recited one after the other. I...

Boarding House Memoirs…Episode 3 4

Boarding House Memoirs…Episode 3

The room suddenly became quiet and I felt all eyes on me as I gingerly stepped into the dormitory dragging my heavy feet one at a time. I could not look up but I...