So What’s Next After Detty December?

Is it too late to say happy new year? Thank God it’s still January so, happy new year everyone.

I’m happy to be back. I really missed being here. I really don’t know why I stopped coming here. Well, my creative juices stopped flowing since December when I became worn out, unhappy, tired and so on and so forth.

I really needed a fresh breath, a new environment, new people. I was on my annual leave but I was so choked. Later, I had an injury on my leg which kept me indoors. You could say ‘good morning’ to me and I could burst into tears. I wanted to be out of Abuja so badly.

However, December 2019 ended up being the best I ever had. It was a detty December. I went on adventures, travelled at night and in the day, ate suya on the street of lokoja at 12.30am, wee-wee by the roadside at 2am, chewed plantain chips under the dark with my earphones plugged to my ears, got to adedibu’s city at 7am…..and boom, detty December began.

I took casual strolls to gbagi tuntun, mokola, gate, orita mefa, aleshinloye. Everyday, I made sure I went out just to take in the city.

Gbagi titun

I went to see mum and dad too. The grave had cracked. The tenants didn’t even open the gate on time. We were there for almost thirty minutes, knocking. And when we entered, they had these mad dogs all over. I was livid. They should be happy I’m not the one managing the house because of distance.

Mum and dad respectively

I went to aleshinloye. I wanted to lock my hair. Thank God I didn’t because I would have gotten tired in just a week. I was advised to grow the hair a little bit before locking. So I did my signature style for a week. Then I got tired on the 3rd day and I decided that hairmaking was not for me. Team lowcut gang makes better sense. So I went to do the needful.

I wanted to achieve the hair on the left
So I braided it for a week😛(don’t mind the posture)
Removed the adimole and did this. Gel+texturizer
Then I came back to best look ever

Oh, I haven’t told you how excited I was to see my Lord. He was so happy to see me as well. I could have hugged him even but I’m not sure what his reaction would have been. I had called him in January to ask for one more week so that I could go to Lagos. He had said “so you’ve not finished your new year celebration?”

I said ” no my Lord, I need to go to Lagos, please sir” and he had said okay.

He said ” ahn ahn, Yetunde, how are you? How was the Xmas and new year celebration? How are your brothers? The one in Lagos and the one who read law?(he didn’t know about my brothers through me. It was through their father, Mr Banji that he heard about them).

I love Milord ( it’s not a romantic love pls, so let’s be guided ). I stan him. He gives us peace of mind. You are happy coming to work, not scared. I think I unconsciously transferred some of the affection I have for Mr Banji to him. I made him my daddy without his consent. And you should see us when we are gisting and laughing. I carry his water, iPad and books to the court room every morning.

This year is looking good already. I will be back to share more juicy stories. I’m at work now.

So what’s your January looking like? How was your December? Was it Detty? Care to share?#okbye

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January 29, 2020 at 1:57 pm

I’m waiting for the ‘detty’ part

Opeyemi F Showemimo
January 31, 2020 at 2:59 pm

My december was filled with travelling , trying to bond with my Sister i haven’t seen for 8 years and studying for my Driver’s permit Knowledge test ( imagine oooo). The only detty part was me packing almost all the food in my eldest sis house to school in the name of we don’t have this in Johnson City. We sure missed you and glad to have you back

    February 4, 2020 at 8:45 am

    Wow, studying for driver’s permit??? I got my driver’s permit after my first accident. Imagine ooo, after I jammed another car and was about to be arrested, someone dragged/took me to the nearest LG and I got it for less than 500. That’s the difference between ‘sane climes’ and ‘insane climes’.

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