Red Lipstick And Eye Shadow: My Baby Is Finer Than Yours

Have you recently come across picture of kids online with makeup on their faces? Have you noticed how kids now have perfectly shaped brows traced with eyeliners and unnaturally attractive pink or red lip coated with gloss?

All kids are naturally beautiful. Kids born in this modern times are even more beautiful and attractive. I can’t even explain why but this is the present reality. They come with full dark hair, lovely eyes, supple skin, dimples and chubby cheeks. You won’t help but look at them dreamily.

So, why do we put evidences of adulthood on them? Strong or light makeovers, do you think its appropriate for babies? Does this make them more attractive? Or does it show how vain we are? Or how we try so much to outdo one another in a bid to show off our kids?

These babies have angelic natures. They come with a natural beauty which is very glorious. The kids born these days are even more exceptionally beautiful.
But parents really aren’t contented with how good their kids look until they coat them with thick layers of red lipstick and eye-shadow.

If you have attended a school’s End of Year Party, you will see kids in gorgeous hairstyles and artificial looks. You will find them in tight fitting trousers that emphasize their bosom and bum shorts that leave little to the imagination. Pray, is it to make them more attractive?

Is this one of the ills of modern day parenting or a new fashion fad? Is it a sort of competition to say “my girl is finer than yours?”. How do you dress your girl child?

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April 11, 2017 at 10:34 am

Permit me to play the blame game on this one. Let’s blame the society for causing the woman to shift her focus from what she has ‘upstairs’ to how much Mary Kay she can pack on her face. Don’t get me wrong; I use makeup (at least, I use brown loose powder, brow liner & red/pink lipstick, if that qualifies as makeup o) but not on my daughter’s face. If a mother paints her face like it is FAA 101 exam, why won’t she do the same for her daughter? Afterall, if I am looking good, my daughter must look ‘gooder’.

    April 11, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Hahahaha…FAA 101 gan an ni. You are very right Mabel. But at the risk of blaming society, we vindicate the woman that it isn’t her fault. Societal expectations is general but trying to belong shows a void somewhere, an incompleteness in the life of that woman, a self esteem issue. Yes, society is what it is. But making right choices is expected for an adult in such society.

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