Red Lipstick And Eye Shadow: My Baby Is Finer Than Yours

Olasiyan Olanike Yetunde

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2 Responses

  1. Maybellyne says:

    Permit me to play the blame game on this one. Let’s blame the society for causing the woman to shift her focus from what she has ‘upstairs’ to how much Mary Kay she can pack on her face. Don’t get me wrong; I use makeup (at least, I use brown loose powder, brow liner & red/pink lipstick, if that qualifies as makeup o) but not on my daughter’s face. If a mother paints her face like it is FAA 101 exam, why won’t she do the same for her daughter? Afterall, if I am looking good, my daughter must look ‘gooder’.

    • Hahahaha…FAA 101 gan an ni. You are very right Mabel. But at the risk of blaming society, we vindicate the woman that it isn’t her fault. Societal expectations is general but trying to belong shows a void somewhere, an incompleteness in the life of that woman, a self esteem issue. Yes, society is what it is. But making right choices is expected for an adult in such society.

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