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Whenever we get to that point in church on Sunday when they say “let’s pray for Nigeria”, instantly all my antenna goes into weak mode. I suddenly begin to have zero attention. Sometimes I even sit down. I just can’t pretend. I mean we pray for Nigeria in every service yet, the news headline the next minute starts screaming “CJN removed, Oby Ezekwesili chickens out of presidential race or boko Haram unleashes mayhem”. Of course, you are to continue to pray till you get result but I can’t say I have faith to hold on any longer.



I’ve been meaning to say this since. Let it be known that I said it here today. I hate Whatsapp. It’s so intrusive. I even dislike it more when old people refer to it as “wazzap” or “whatzup”.;it’s so annoyingly frustrating.


Everyone crawls into your space with “forwarded messages” especially old people. And let’s not forget those that would only remember to say ‘hi’ immediately you change your display picture. I am actually a poor chat-app user. Responding to messages is even hard work.


Who knows a more private chatting app I can install?




Today, I saw that Domino’s did a buy one get one free ice cream cake sale nationwide between yesterday and today and I was heartbroken. I missed a good opportunity. Now, valentine people will not allow us to have this kind of opportunity next month.

Got this from ShopRite a while back though. And no, it wasn’t even my birthday

Speaking of Val, initially, I left that day open in the Court’s diary. I wouldn’t know why actually. But one day, Milord asked me for a date in February and I said I didn’t have any date left. He asked me to bring the diary. Lo and behold, he turned the pages and stopped at Feb 14th.

“What about this date?”

“I left it for Milord the president”, I said

“No, let’s give the learned senior.”


It was a learned senior who wanted to get an adjournment. A SAN actually.


So, imagine my amusement when Milord after saying “this case is now adjourned till 14th day of February, 2019, learned SAN said “but Milord, that day is Valentine’s day”.

Infact, I could not stifle my laughter. The whole court room erupted in laughter.


He continued

“If my Lord can graciously give me another date…”

“That’s the only date we have in February”, Milord responded


“Ok, I will take it…”, he accepted grudgingly. Each time I remember,I still laugh.

What does learned senior want to do on Val’s day that would make him reject the date given to him by the court?


I need an answer please


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