Osogbo was lit!!!


Osogbo is that town that holds a lot of fond memories for me. Osogbo was one of the few places I looked forward to every year as a child. Ibadan-Osogbo-Ikirun was familiar terrain because Mama lived in a little town after Ikirun. Mama was my mother’s mother.

But Osogbo has since grown better and finer than the way I remember it. I used to think people who live in places like Ogbomoso and Osogbo were missing on the finer things of life. I thought life was only in Ibadan or Lagos. I believed that those two were the only cosmopolitan city that anyone should live.

But now, having travelled far in Nigeria(let me wear my travelling badge of honour), I can say anywhere is home and home is where the heart is.

I saw Zaria, the state of the caliphate and I fell in love with it.

I saw Kaduna and it reminded me of Lagos especially Kawo and some parts of Southern Kaduna.

I saw Keffi, Nasarawa and well, its a good place for the people who love to live there(lol)

I have always loved the FCT.

Now, I miss the simple life in Ogbomoso. I have been missing ogbomoso for years now.

I miss Osogbo and its way of life.

I miss Ikirun and the hot akara we buy by the roadside.

Strangely, there are only two places I would never miss right now: it is Lagos and Ibadan. I have never dreamt of going back to Lagos since I left. And the only reason why I can’t miss Ibadan again is because it now bears semblance to Lagos in terms of traffic, madness and carelessness. Ibadan people are now bolder too just like Lagos people. When I am in Ibadan, it feels like Lagos. Sighs

I was surrounded by friends in Osogbo. I saw my friend who recently got married at Ilorin. We had some good times together. I saw my childhood friend, a banker. I saw another friend who drove me round the city, from Captain Cook to Lautech Teaching Hospital to Dada Estate where I called it a night.

Osogbo, I think its only Captain Cook you’ve got after all these years. You should step up.

Here is a big thank you to all who got my book in osogbo. I couldn’t take pictures at the Lautech Teaching Hospital because I was shocked at the decay. The gate didn’t look befitting for a teaching hospital. Yes, it was my very first time there and I could not help but wonder.

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