Of Death and Friendship

Olasiyan Olanike Yetunde

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1 Response

  1. Mosebolatan Adeyinka says:

    Good write up Nike, more ink to ur pen or better stiil more power to ur fingers used in typing. Saw Jegzy last a few years back @ Ekotedo though he didn’t see me. That was d 1st & last time I saw him after WESCOS. A pity he had to leave us early but God knows best and He is unquestionable. We’ll all go someday to d great beyond, what will people say after our demise and more importantly are we prepared for d inevitable? I pray we all live long meaningful and impactful lives……
    I always enjoy reading you and look forward to new write-ups: simple, clear and no ambiguity. Accept my apologies for not ever commenting on your write-ups and commending you, will try and repent.
    God bless……..

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