Obinna, Now That Big Brother Is Over, Can You Listen to me now?

I went to Obinna’s shop sometimes in March. Obinna has a chemist opposite my house. I had a serious headache which was preventing me from sleeping. I needed a drug. So, after tossing and turning for a while, I decided to visit Obinna’s Chemist.
“Obinna, Obinna”

He almost didn’t hear me. His little shop was packed full with guys of various heights and sizes. They were all glued to the TV screen which was fixed at a perpendicular angle to their sitting position. They crammed together into a little space.

“Obinna”, I said again
He nodded his head in a form of acknowledgement. Then, he reluctantly stood up. They were arguing about something on the TV.

” Sorry Jare. Na this big brother. See as dem dey chop chicken like no man’s business. If dem audition next year, I musto go o”.
That was his way of explaining the obvious reason for his amusement.
“OK, give me drug for headache”, I said
He began to fumble about. Looking for where to get the drug while his eyes was still glued to the TV. So I turned and looked.

You see, I didn’t subscribe to cable TV since January so I had only a faint idea of BBN. I only saw snippets of info on social media. When people were crying(scratch that….shouting) over a particular sex scene, I didn’t even know what was going on.

TV bores me(yes, don’t look at me like that) even though it is a cure for some people’s boredom. I end up switching channels till I get bored and go back to NTA. There’s something about watching NTA that sometimes make me feel old. Makes me feel like NTA is a major part of my life.
It brings back memories/nostalgic feelings of my childhood when all we had in Ibadan was NTA and BCOS and you had to follow the news even though you couldn’t be bothered about it. So sometimes, I still end up following NTA network news even though my parents no longer care if I watch news.

Obinna gave me the drug and he didn’t argue with me over the price. The drugs were cheaper.
” Obinna, how much is this drug?”
“How much I take from your hand”, he answered me rhetorically.

I walked away happily. Normally, he would have argued endlessly on why the price of dollar has affected the price of drug and how he is not the cause of Nigeria’s problem since he didn’t vote Buhari. So why should anybody not want to pay the new price for his drug?

A friend who had been trying to get his attention for sometime said she saw him last night.
He was eating efo riro and a solid he placed under the table. He was grinning from ear to ear.

“Obinna, now that BBN is over, can you tell me the dosage of the drug you gave me a while ago?”
“Of course now. Why you no ask me before?” He said
“I no ask you? Or BBN made you lose your mind?”
They ended up having an interesting conversation.
She later told me “Obinna is back”.
What did you think I was going to write? BBN? The money or the sex?
No, I want to talk about voting in 2019 taking a cue from BBN……hehehehe
So we heard there were 11 million votes or 11 million people voted. Whatever.
I have never voted in my life(yes, judge me). Like most people who I know.

Based on the constraints that you have in travelling to the town you registered in other to cast your vote. And then, if you are nice enough to travel from Lagos to Onitsha just to show your patriotism, what if the ballot box is stolen? Would your vote ever count?
So why can’t voting go digital since Nigerian youths have shown their eagerness and their strong voice?

But the average Nigerian politician would not want that so that he can continue to rig elections and pay people to vote.

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