Nigerian Marriage Registries and Outrageous Requirements!!!

Outrageous marriage requirements at local government registries are not a new thing, I suppose. Why it has become the norm and why people have kept quiet about it is the question here.

Apart from getting the marriage list from parents of the bride, local governments are also a force to be reckoned with. As a groom, you also need to get a ‘list’ from them as well. LGRs have turned wedding affairs to a form of jamboree, a means of making brisk money, eating and drinking.


While unofficial sums are collected such as “owo signing” etc. Food items such as biscuit, malt(they even indicate the preferred type in wrong spelling) must also be provided. I guess the list/ requirements vary in different states and locations.


A friend who got married in ibadan said no list was provided or collected but a sum of ten thousand was paid into the bank. It was however optional for you to provide refreshments for the staff and your guests. It was not mandatory.

Isn’t there a way they can be put to check? Isn’t there a way these excesses can be curtailed? The list below is a real one from a local government in Ogun state. Who can relate with this?

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Mama Dee
March 24, 2017 at 6:22 am

Corruption at every level, every corner of Nigeria. It is well!

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