Nda, the security man

So I left lagos(yes, past tense,history)…. Right now, am wishing am in Lagos. Funnily, I whined and complained throughout my time in lagos. But I didn’t know that the Lagos lifestyle had sneaked so deep into my subconscious. Not that I enjoyed the night life,or visited people,or partied, no, that is not what am talking about. Lagos helped me to balance my mood well. The quietness inside of me found balance or solace in the everyday madness that plays itself well on the street of Lagos. I avoided the rowdy areas though, sneaking only into ikeja and its environs once in a while.
I enjoyed d madness on the street as well as the madness in my estate. (Mama landlord and Sunday the houseboy) what about the agberos and the scantily clad ladies on the street? What about the mini jankara market every evening at berger where they sell 20naira bra? What did I not see? Now this is why I am complaining…
The streets of Fct are well tarred but dry. No heavy legs on the road. Everybody maintains calm and panache. Well, this is all good. Now, the most annoying thing happens in my street. Well, Nda the security man has this fierce looking-flesh eating dog that he ties to my gate every night. And whenever am outside after nine o’clock,panic sets in, because Nda would have locked me outside and the dog would be waiting for me at the gate. Now this dog doesn’t understand yoruba or English, but I guess he can understand Hausa. So,he barks in hausa language while Nda also speaks only Hausa fluently. I tried all methods to speak with Nda(even sign language) but I failed woefully. Now, we communicate only by gesture.
So Nda locked me out…. And I could not enter the building. Worse still,I could not talk to him (well, that is a story for another day)
But, who does that in lagos? When night life begins at ??pm When workers who went to work since morning and complained of being tired are seen digging it in clubs at ungodly hours. I am just tired of Nda and his creature(dog)…
There are no madness on this street, no conductor fighting a passenger(cabs all through), so it adds a ripple effect to my already poignant mood. I can’t just seem to find the balance, dull within and outside. I can’t wait to sneak out of here into lasgidi. I already miss all my friends- Fgchubby, fikky, tynukehbadmus in ib, dupe. Well, I hope Nda changes or I learn to speak Hausa….
Yetunde Olasiyan

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November 11, 2013 at 11:02 pm

Lol. Nda pls change. Na God I take beg u

November 12, 2013 at 11:36 am

Loooooooool. i can tell you once you are fully integrated to the life style of Lagos, it would be difficult to cope anywhere else. There is just something about the city that is just different to any other part of Nigeria. I move around a lot, anytime i am out of lagos, i see missing it like crazy. I know how you feel, but don’t worry Lagos will still be here when you come. Nice piece.

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