My Marriage is based on lies: can i re-marry?

Olasiyan Olanike Yetunde

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7 Responses

  1. kike says:

    how much pressure is pressure!!!really!!! in this day and age girl???? am not impressed joooor. i am not blaming you totally but 60%

  2. zizi says:

    Like my dad would always say, never allow anyone put u in a tight corner….way forward, u need to go for counseling knowing that you would eventually annul the marriage or stay in it hoping for a miracle.

  3. Myss Lafunky says:

    It’s not easy o.

  4. chizzyodilinye says:

    Parents really need to stop this whole pressure thing.
    first they want an in-law then a rich in-law and grandchildren.

    I wouldn’t blame the girl because I can relate with this kind of pressure. I totally built a perfect resistance.
    For me, I think it’s ground for dissolution. Any court will grant that.
    I am a bit curious though, what are her parents saying now?

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