My Book is Available in Ibadan and Osogbo this week. Won’t You Book Your Copy?!!!!!!

I got home tired today. Almost 7pm.

This happens almost everyday. The tiredness I mean.

I am fagged out.
But when I remembered that I have books to sell, my brain refused to properly shut down for the night.

I branched at the hairdresser’s on my way home. Iya Victor. For the usual igbira corn rows. I am addicted to it same way I am addicted to everything chocolatey yummy.


This is the beautiful cornrow. I made this exact type again this evening.

Wait fess!!!

Have you read my encounter with a cashier over my corn rows? Let me quickly paste it here. I wrote it but didn’t post it.


I had walked into the bank on a certain morning to make a transaction. I stood before the female cashier while checking my wristwatch every other minute. I was in a hurry.
Suddenly she looked up after casting surreptitious glances at me intermittently and said
“Na wa o, you no dey change look? How can you be wearing the same hairstyle for the past eleven years or so”, she asked
For a moment I didn’t understand her outburst. I looked at her blankly as she explained further
‘Look at your picture here. You are standing here in front of me wearing the same hairstyle you have on my data system”
Then, I smiled.
She had been observing me before now. She had known me within the bank with my usual cornrows but on this day, I had stood in front of her and she was shocked to still see that same hairstyle on the computer. I had opened that account in 2006 in Ogbomoso.
I didn’t know what to say so, I laughed a bit to cover my obvious embarassment. Another customer was already in front of her so she even went ahead to explain it to that woman as if I just committed a crime.
But it didn’t stop me. She got transferred to Central Business District since then so I haven’t been seeing her again.
This week, I found myself visiting my Igbira hairdresser who made another beautiful ten lines of corn rows for me.
About seven years ago, I had been on a Skype call with a dear friend who was at the time pursuing her Masters Degree at Iowa University, USA and while she was admiring my adimole corn rows, her white roommate had walked in on us and she beckoned on her
“Come and see how they plait hair in Africa” she said to her
White girl came over and gushed.
I have had people walk up to me in school to say they know me very well. After all, ain’t I that lady that does the adimole corn rows from Iya Ayo under the tree in front of Olayiwola hostel? I would nod and smile.
What shall separate me from the love of corn rows? Is it Brazilian weaves? Human hair or goat hair?
I am not very particular about hair. I don’t like making my hair hence, since I discovered the corn rows, it has been a lifesaver.
Lately, I have been thinking on going on lowcut. At least change looks in eleven years. What do you think?

As I was saying,
I was so hungry(OK, hungry because OBF2 went to his village since saturday and will be there throughout this week.#hungermaykillmebeforehereturn# He handles office lunch ALMOST everyday. Now its either pounded yam or pastries not fried yam again).

So I went to maisuya’s.

And I bought banana with groundnut. I thought eating banana with groundnut was odd. Eating roasted plantain with groundnut still make sense but with banana? I thought these northerners over did themselves with the combination.

But since I began the process of naturalization to become a northerner, I have become a fan of banana plus groundnut.I even asked OBF2 to give me a northern name but he gave me a useless name like that. Speaking of banana, I was in Garki with OBF2 the other day and we saw a young man hawking bananas. I asked him to buy since the ones in his backyard at home had failed to ripen.

So he said
“It will be 2000naira o”
I looked at him in shock
“You don’t say!!! Kuku tell me you don’t want to buy”
Then, I heard a cacophonic voice behind us. It was the banana seller. He had heard our conversation so he said
“Oga no be 2000 o, na just 1500”
I shouted in bewilderment. I didn’t know when I said
“Haaaaaa” on the street of Garki. 1000 for just a bunch of banana when its just two dimes a dozen at Ibadan tollgate. They will even be begging you to buy it. Sometimes, about 5 big bunch will be around 300-500 sef. I have a tiny corner that links to my father’s sprawling edifice from Ibadan tollgate and you can’t but pass through the corner where those bananas are displayed. So, resist the urge to argue how much I buy it there.

So, my Ibadan peepules, if you want my book this week, please holla at me. I want to arrange for despatch. Send a mail to

My doctor friend who also doubles as a soldier was the first to pick up my book in Ibadan last week. I guess he’s back in jos now and I am patiently waiting for his review. Thank you Doc, I truly appreciate this.


Osogbo peepule, please send me a mail if you want my book directly delivered to you in osogbo this week.

We are still waiting to hear from konga. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile, I have some bananas to eat…..

I will be waiting to take your orders.

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