December is going down in a matter of days and I stop to think and wonder, how has it been? How did I fare? I must say that am very very nostalgic about the coming year. I have great hopes, new dreams, new adventures etc to look forward to. I am particularly excited about taking trips farther down north in pursuit of knowlege in the new year. Then, Yetunde Olasiyan’s Blog clocks two in the new year (march precisely). It is worthy of celebration.
But seriously, how did this year go? It passed away in a jiffy before I realised it. Thank God for some giant steps this year, thank God for a whole new chapter, thank God for strategic relocation. Thank God for some situations which almost took me by surprise but God still prevailed. Thank God for a new lease of life. Thank God am alive today to tell all these stories. The race hasn’t ended yet.. Yet more grounds to be conquered. The disappointments of this year are nothing compared to the glory ahead. Next year is going to be better, I can feel it in my bones.
For a while now, I kind of lost my muse, especially after the trip to Lagos and the ancient city. It sapped my strength, drained me of whatever enthusiasm I had left. There was no time to rest, just trips up and down. So, I came back indisposed. Yeah, I had to rush back because Mr Gimba, the editor called. I have spent this past week gathering strength and trying to recover. Then, trying to look inwards and take stock of every event this year. I hope I get my muse back completely.
So Lagos was fun but I wouldn’t blame people who constantly say they hate Lagos. Yes, majorly because of the traffic. I had a fair share of it then witnessed the accident that occurred at Otedola bridge, on the way to Berger on the 7th at 5.45pm or thereabout. It wasn’t funny at all. I thank God for life.
So, the gist here is that organizations and even churches are winding down activities till the new year. I have never heard of such. The news is alien to me because we worked round the clock in Lagos only taking xmas day off(well, some even worked on xmas). It was business as usual till the new year. Work resumed immediately from the third day. Well, the Federal Capital is a world of its own. Everyone has caught the xmas frenzy already, they are all rushing to travel home. It is going to be so dry. I haven’t caught the frenzy yet, just plain tired.
In case you haven’t really sat down to take stock of everything you have achieved or not achieved this year, please do. Don’t go into the new year without a focus, without a major goal to be accomplished, without new hurdles to be crossed. Prayerfully set new targets and dream new dreams. Count your blessings so that you’ll know how great God has been to you.

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