MARRIAGE; the end of all achievements in the world?

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She desperately wanted to get married. She had a good relationship with a promising young man who was working in a Private Organization. Although he wasn’t paid in 6 digits or seven, he was doing all his best to save and give her a better life. He would even give her monthly stipends from the peanuts he was earning. He was committed, He deeply loved her and she knew it.

She was a University Final year student, first in the Family of three. Her parents hoping that when she’s done with school, she would takecare of all her younger ones. Infact, they had mapped her her life for her, telling her she would get married and immediately start taking responsibilities. Hence the pressure skyrocketed when she was done with NYSC. Get married! They told her ‘and take this load off our neck!’

Poor girl, she fell flat down for the pressure. She was internally and externally pressured. She pushed the guy…but he was been logical. He pleaded for a little more time hoping things would get better. She couldn’t wait…she went for another man who offered her a better life at the slight mention of Marriage.

Years later, she’s back with a child and no Marriage to show for it.
Worst is that ‘she wants her ex back?’
Shurrrhh, na so life easy?

Okay, my question is ‘Why do ladies think Marriage is just the height of all acheivements in this world?’ Many at the sound of Marriage just end their life plans and vision. They don’t consider life after Marriage. I want to get Married! I want to get Married! I don’t want to remain single again! This single thingy is killing me! Worst is, many of such ladies don’t have a clear purpose and vision for their own lives. They don’t know what next to do after Marriage? Does Marriage just define many women? What were your goals as a young girl and are you working on that?
I remember when I was in Uni, I had a friend who’d sing to all who cared to listen how she really wanted to get Married. She talked of how she’d decorate her kitchen with a particular colour and talked somuch of her wedding plans. Then one day, tired of hearing all her talk, I asked her ‘So, after Marriage, what next?’ You haven’t gotten a job yet, any plans to get that?’ She paused and said ‘Omoby, things would take care of itself after Marriage. For now, I just want to get Married o!’
Ehn ehn! :O I said! Today, she’s still siting athome waiting for things to take care of itself!

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying its isn’t good to get Married, but then, have you thought of life after Marriage? What do you wanna do with your life? Why does Marriage end all a woman’s plans? What has God given you to profit with? Does Marriage just end your visions and aspirations? Does it? Does the euphoria of Marriage just cloud your reasoning that you fail to realise that there are days after Marriage? Long, long days…

Single Ladies, please don’t wallow in the ‘I want to get Married’ syndrome. While you are waiting, please get busy with your life. How about reading your Bible? How about adding new skills to yourself? How about looking for a job and starting your career? How about saving and investing financially? How about all those?
Ask those who are Married and they would tell you there are several things Marriage took from them which they couldn’t do again!

I encourage you all to get a fresh vision and start for your life. You aren’t just made to get Married. You are made for something more significant! Explore it!
Adeyemo Omobolanle
January, 2015

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January 17, 2015 at 6:13 pm

great tales about marriage.
marriage is sometimes like a car, if u speed on too fast, you could crash, if u slow down too much, u could get hit or get late to your destination.
my advise is to stick to the speed limit sign of getting married: COOL, CALM and COLLECTED

January 19, 2015 at 3:10 pm

I totally agree. There is no rush. God makes everything beautiful in His own time. While waiting, there are tons of things to do.
It will be dangerous to get into a relationship because of boredom and because of society’s pressure be case when you become married, it will be you and your husband and God.

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