Marriage Is An Achievement, Abegiii!!!

Olasiyan Olanike Yetunde

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2 Responses

  1. Bisola says:

    Lol. The people saying marriage isn’t an achievement are the same ones fawning over our new royal couple lol. Why are we excited if not because it’s romantic, it’s a love story, it’s happily ever after. It’s Disney, telemundo, M and B, Harlequin, Cinderella all rolled into one.
    You need to see how excited I was about Banky W and Adesua.

    Lol at “Forget the farce that marriage is not an achievement. Odiegwu, even your ancestors know it is. Be real for once, to yourself”

    I agree with this “this also tells me, that there is a yearning in the heart of most Nigerian male and female, of the need to be sincerely loved, truly cared for, swept off their feet and end up in marriage”

    Exactly! There’s still that desire to be loved sincerely and be swept of our feet. There’s the desire to get it right in marriage but when people try to make single people feel less because they aren’t married then they just have to tell them it’s not an achievement.

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