Little Bride and Ring Bearer: Do you think they are indispensable?

It has been an age long practice to have the Little Bride and the Ring Bearer in the Bridal Train. Some sources say the tradition was born in Ancient Egypt, where it was customary for treasured jewels to be carried on ornamental pillows during wedding ceremonies. Others claim the tradition came about during medieval times, when Northern Europeans began to present the bride with her wedding ring on the tip of a sword.



Majority of ring bearers and little brides are boys and girls who are related or close to the couple. On average, most ring bearers and little brides are between 4 and 10 years old. These days the ring bearer and little bride’s role seem to be quite flexible. We’ve seen ring bearers and little brides that don’t carry rings or bouquet at all and instead showcase scrolls with messages like “Here comes the Bride!”


If you do choose to ask a young chap to accept the honor of being your wedding ring bearer or little bride, you’re going to have to make sure he looks stylish doing it. There are so many different directions you can take wedding ring bearer and little bride style in these days. Whether you want him/her to look like your groom/bride’s mini-me or a nautical little prince/princess, it’s up to you.


As much as these little personalities can add glamour to the event, they could also be frustrated in the process and disrupt the proceedings. Some of these kids are sometimes coerced into neither playing these roles which they were not prepared for nor willing play. Some of little brides/ring bearer are usually seen sleeping in wedding services, some sob endlessly because they are confined unnecessarily to a routine they are not used to.


On the other hand, some have thrilled couples and well wishers at wedding services/receptions with their jaw-dropping dance moves. Besides these, other children present at such places can add humor to the atmosphere. Recently, a friend and her husband attended a wedding reception in Lagos-Nigeria with their two kids. The older one; 4-year-old caught the bouquet when the bride threw it. Such occurrence creates an exceptional moment for the couple and wedding ceremony attendees.


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