Just Musing On A Sunday Evening

I like it very brown and crunchy🖕💋

That time I was recuperating, I came online one day and saw that my friend Dr T, had written some long stuff on Facebook. Dr T is my friend who is now a lecturer. After laughing my head off, I felt like ‘oh wow, so this young woman has some talents she hasn’t explored’. Even though she had told me some of those stories before, it felt good reading them again. I was super impressed.

I’m particularly happy that she found her voice and that she’s not afraid to have an opinion and make it public. I’m happy she chose to tell her story. Many women are still living in fear, thinking it’s best to keep their opinions to themselves.
Pray, how can I leave all the stories finding expression inside me untold? Truth is, I haven’t even written half of the stories in my belly. Partly because, I can only write about my experiences in court sparingly for now. And then the other stories are not yet ripe to be told but I’m working on them.

Lately I started compiling my memoir but the illness slowed me down. Someday, someone somewhere is going to read our stories and make a better decision in life, avoid career mistakes that we made, even our children will be happy to see our footprints on the sands of time.
I am a storyteller and I plan to live the rest of my days writing and telling stories. Just writing books. This period has afforded me the opportunity to read so many books. I read to stupor. I read far into the night but I’ve stopped now.

When the bopdaddy challenge was trending, my friend in UK messaged me that we should participate. But I told her I have never owned a face brush in my life seeing that they were all throwing face brushes upandan. I used a book, my book but tinuke badmus called it a church girl version. Woreva!
Tinuke badmus is also finding her voice on Instagram. As talented as she is, she has been mostly quiet about her craft. She makes badass female wears quietly but these days, I’ve been largely impressed with her ‘becoming’ on Instagram. With a husband like hers who is a public speaker, I was wondering if she wanted to end up as a closet enthusiast. Her husband is even a Soyinka. I’m in my house tinuke, come and beat me if you can go pass the curfew in kaduna.

Dear woman, write your own stories. If you feel like talking, talk. If you feel like having a platform, please do. Stop living for other people. This fear of ‘what will people say’ will keep you caged forever.
And if you need me to help you write, I’m just a few thousands away. I don’t come cheap but I deliver quality😉😆

So, Milord has been sitting in court. I remember when he was saying to me in March ‘yetunde, don’t fix a lot of cases for me in May because Ramadan would have started by then. I want mostly five or six cases in a day.
I said ‘Yes Milord’
But here we are, he’s been delivering only judgements like two in a day. We are all home. Man proposes.
I’ve looked at the dresses in my wardrobe many times and shook my head. I’ve looked at my shoes sitting pretty on the rack. I’ve been wearing slippers for the past two months. And I’ve been wearing just a brown sleeveless gown everyday. Life is funny.

Will life ever go back to normal? What will court sitting now look like? I was not informed about 2020, if not I would have prepared. That’s to show that God rules in the affairs of men and man has no control over what happens in the world. Everything has failed us. But God hasn’t.

I have spent this entire time not reading alone but doing so many cookery stuff. I have made chinchin.

I baked cake.

I made egusi with scent leaf and pepper soup spice adding eja gbigbe. The egusi tasted like I was eating pepper soup. You should try it.
I made kunu Aya. Imagine, I stayed away from this drink so long because people kept saying it’s a drink that drives people to the oza room.
I’m here to tell you it’s a blatant lie. That drink only makes you sleep bonoku. I enjoyed and will be making it more going forward.
I make zobo constantly. My zobo tastes romantic. I spice it with ginger too.
Today, I baked bread, hallelujah someborri!!!!
Before the week runs out, I may go back to making scotch egg and also fry akara.

The day I finally make yoghurt, every where will burst😀
I walked into my favorite supermarket to get Tito yoghurt last week and the price had jumped to a thousand. I respected myself and calmly dropped it. It was 650 o and until I check it at Hmedix Garki and it’s truly 1k, I ain’t buying. Lemme just learn how to make it first.
My favorite of all time was farm fresh yoghurt but I haven’t seen it even at ShopRite in ages. I think they changed the package and this new package just isn’t it for me. The old farm fresh comes in a big bottle with strawberry and vanilla variants. It was about 1200-1500 and I was buying it happily. This Tito yoghurt comes close to it but the bottle is too small to be sold for a thousand.

If I tell you I’m broke and you see me anywhere later buying yoghurt or chocolate ice cream, please believe that it is my last cash I’m using to buy it. I’ve done this many times. I spend my money to the last Kobo even when I have no hope for the next day.
Why do I do this? Because I dont want to give anybody the pleasure of spending my hard earned money when I die. Too much sense will not kill me😀😁😂


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