Iyan, Egusi&Ogunfe Chronicles-Kaduna Was A Goal!!!!

Apart from my colleagues and Milord, no one knew about my official trip to kaduna. I wanted to write a post or send a message to tinuke badmus(the barnawa couture madmoiselle) but, no chance. I had left the office very late the previous day.

My Lord insisted that I submit my application to travel that very day.

He even took a pen and helped me re-write the application after I made a mess of it. Bless💕💕💕

He even asked me to print the letter with his personal printer after typing on my laptop. You see why I love Milord?


I went to kaduna. No I didn’t go with the train. I couldn’t make the 7 0’clock time and I needed to be back same day. So I went to zuba. Bad choice. We were cramped together like sardines.

The agbero liked my amaka skirt. My longest skirt in this life. After my Zaria short dress experience, I always borrow myself brain before dressing up to go to he north.


I got to kaduna in recordtime say 10am. I located the office easily. One quiet GRA like that and the street was named after a swimming pool..lol. it is called swimming pool area..🙄

I was led to the office of the head of litigation. A very nice woman, a barrister. She took my number and said she’d be disturbing me on ‘you know what”..rolls eye🤦🤷


Then, the real trip began to barnawa. I didn’t tell tinuke badmus I was coming yet I kept looking for where to buy card and didn’t see. So I risked it and went. It was quite easy for me to locate her office again.


I walked to the entrance.

She shouted when she saw me. Yeah, it was a pleasant surprise. When she asked if I’d eat, I said no.

But she got me a drink. We were gisting when she asked again

“ABI you will eat amala”?

“No I don’t like Amala like that”

Suddenly, my ‘chi’ whispered to me…’why don’t you ask if they have pounded yam?’


“Oh yes, there’s poundie joor”

So she drove us to ‘iyawo’s place” after we picked her son from school. Little boy has grown. That boy was inside baby Keke the last time I saw him.


So I ate iyan, egusi and ogunfe. The meat was soo big.

Valentine even came early for me because she gave me a beautiful black amaka skirt. So what did I do?

I removed my wine amaka skirt and put on the black amaka barnawa skirt. It fitted perfectly. Nobody asked me why I came back wearing a different skirt anyways.


It was hard to leave but I had to. Kaduna was a goal!!!

They don’t have coldstone creamery in that town Sha.

And she got a copy of my autographed book…long overdue


I called Milord later in the night.

“Yetunde I didn’t hear from you today again”

“Milord, I called you at the kaduna office but your line was off”

“ Are you back safely?”

“Yes my Lord”

“We thank God”

“Did you see the head of division?”


Stammering now..

“N…o..my Lord I gave it to the head of litigation”

“It’s alright”


The next day, I was in Niger state again so early in the morning. But I was really tired. I returned to Abuja by midday and couldn’t even rest well.


By Thursday, I was sitting in court again.

Friday, I was the only one in court, they all travelled back home to vote.

I later had to lock up the court when I saw a colleague who would drop me off close to my home.


Saturday, I had to get out of bed to look for the plumber who had promised to come by 7am. I was in the neighborhood looking for him when my colleague’s call came in…

Elections postponed.

Toor. If not for her, I wouldn’t have known till mid-day probably.


Nigerians, how market? (Of course, I’m not one of you pipu).


Those that stocked up their houses with food, how far?


Those that created panic, fear, foreboding, how far?


Las Las, we will be alright..someday soon, I hope.


This is KGB’s sub ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Bellanaija asked me for a professional headshot when my latest feature was about to go to press but I browsed through my phone for anything remotely professional and couldn’t get any. Been a while I visited the studio. Not even now that I’m wearing a new look.

Someone should help me ask KGB, what his purpose in life is, if not to give me a beautiful head shot🤷

KGB, this old ‘mgbeke’ pix that I sent na your fault

A friend on Twitter brought this to my attention.


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