It’s Been A Tiring Week, Honestly

On the way

People saw me dressed in black today again, a friday for that matter and someone said
“You are sitting?”
I said yes.
It is 7.16am from here. I’m already on my way to work. The alarm woke me by 4.30am and I walked groggily to the kitchen. I was feeling sleepy right there on my feet.
I’m supposed to go to school today. Infact, all through the weekend up till Sunday. And I have a pile of laundry waiting for me. And I don’t know if I will go home early today. Whatever time I get home, I will be wasted as usual. Last night, my two legs were in pains.

So two days back, on my way home, Milord had called me while on the bus. I didn’t know he had called me twice on the small phone. When I saw his name on the big phone, I opened my eyes wide. For the first time in a long time, he had left the office before me. No matter how late we close, he’s always behind. He would only tell us to leave the front door open for him on our way out.
“Good evening Milord”. At this point, all the ears in the staff bus were open immediately they heard me say Milord.
“Good evening Yetunde, how are you?”
“Fine Milord”
“I hope you are home already”
“No sir, I’m just on my way”
“Ok, text me your full name”(let me not lie, what I heard was ‘text me your bank details’😂😁)
So I said “what did you say sir?” Then he repeated it.
“Alright sir”

After the call, a certain someone who was recently transferred from ibadan said
“So you are working with a judge”
She had listened to our conversation and it was she who told me(because she works in the training Dept) that it was for training that Milord asked for my full names. I nodded disbelievingly.
Yesterday morning, I strutted into his new massive, impressive Chambers.
“Good morning Milord”
“Oh, how are you yetunde. There’s going to be a training today. Call Mr O. Tell him I said you are one of the people for the training. Ask him for the time and venue. Then, when it is time, you and W can go. Allow the rest of them to take court proceedings.”
“Ok Milord”

It is part of office news that I, Milord and W are a triangle. W is the only person ahead of me. I’m next to him. Then, we have five people under us. They say, W and I are an entity in MILord’s court. The first time I heard it, I wondered.

But anyways, two gentlemen came from the National Judicial Council to train us. It lasted for only one hour. The training was held simultaneously across other state divisions of the court as well. At the end of the day, they said they needed two people to be sending quarterly returns to NJC database.

By this time I was yawning. I didn’t care. Hunger pangs. People asked for menu menu. Obviously there was none. Not even a drink. So we dispersed. The court was sitting by now. I stayed a bit in court to see if they needed my help.

I digress.
On Monday, I had vacated my middle seat for a colleague. I asked her to call the cases. She began to make mistakes. She called no 3 instead of 2. She pronounced names wrongly. And it was a high profile matter. Milord asked me angrily in low tones which only him and I can hear☺️
“Why did you allow her to sit there when she cannot do it?”
“I’m sorry mylord”
He had forgotten that it was he that said I and W should train them.
“Remove her from there”, he said
So yesterday that I had to be at the conference room for training, her village people didn’t come with her to court. She had to sit at the middle anyways.

I went inside my office to chill.

I hardly sat down yesterday. I was super busy
What I spend time doing sometimes….looking out like this from my window

By evening, the head of litigation had called me on phone
“Yetunde, that thing they taught us today(he was there as well), can you do it?”
I was almost laughing.
That thing that is just like posting on WordPress. The head of IT had just taught me online causelist generation as well. Every thing was easy peasy. I was almost saying
“Bhet oga, do you know who I am? Do you know how much of this I do daily?”😀😁😂
I’m crazy, yeah I know.

But I said “sir, it’s very easy sir. I can do it”
So he said “come down and fill the form. You will be working directly with NJC. I have to be sure before sending your name to them”
I didn’t even see it coming but I sha took the elevator to the ground floor. I filled the form and that was how I landed another responsibility.

The thing is, most of the time, I don’t like being responsible. I prefer to be irresponsible😎. Responsibility takes a lot of commitment from you. It means giving your time and effort. For me, responsibility takes away my emotion. I’m too devoted to things I do. So I can easily lose track of the other things in my life. I pay too much attention to the work or things I’m involved with. I’m too analytical and detailed for my own liking. But my Lord is like that too. He’s a perfectionist and I am one as well. That’s why our work runs smoothly. You can’t even last with him without knowing how to pay attention to details and to think fast.

Now, the load of this new work and what it involves is not beans. It means I have to input the information of three judges into NJC database and my inputation can make or mar their appraisal and promotion. The registrars of the three courts have to submit their quarterly and annual returns to me. Thank God my court is among the ones I’m handling. But the two other courts are still in my former Garki office. Only the president’s court and MILord’s court are in the new edifice. The rest are still under construction.
I’m going to give the news to my Lord this morning.

Okay, it’s a good morning from here. Have a beautiful weekend. Even though I’m going to spend mine listening to lectures with a straight face. I am going to school this evening and will even write a test on Sunday.

P.S I just finished writing this at 7.57am. I’m still sitting in the bus. We are dropping staff in Asokoro, different parts of Garki and my office is the final stop. The entire office are not in one place yet.

Now at the office, this elevator adds a bit of spice to my often poignant mood…orange culture!!!

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October 11, 2019 at 8:56 pm

I lol at ‘Let me not lie. I heard, text me your account details’. Such a lover of money, you are
Very interesting read, Babes. I felt like I was right there with you, experiencing your day.

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