I’m Walking Away From These Simpletons!!!

Former courtroom

I’m awake watching The Experience on TV. I don’t even know who’s singing right now neither do I know the song but I guess I just need something to add a bit of spice to my poignant mood.
We’ve just witnessed the biggest rape of the judiciary in the history of Nigeria. A sitting judge had to be quickly ushered out of the courtroom. The temple of justice has just been desecrated and trampled upon by the powers that be.
While I have spoken so gloriously about the courtroom, I have never ever talked about the risk, danger and palpable tension which sometimes characterises court sitting.

Sometimes last month, we sat on a very sensitive union matter. From morning when we got to the court premises, everywhere was filled with unionists in uniforms, chanting slogans with their buses. They were headed to my court. The security department had to make a request to the chief registrar to acquire more policemen just for a single sitting. Of course, there’s usually a police attached to every courtroom but certain times like this, they call for reinforcements.


They were acting on a tip off that some charlatans among them were going to cause trouble.
Milord was told to address them after delivering his ruling that anyone who looked for trouble would be whisked away as there were security operatives around.
They filled the courtroom to the brim. We kept bringing in more chairs for them. I don’t know about others but I had a sense of foreboding. My heart was beating fast. I kept imagining all that could go wrong if the ruling didn’t favour them. This union is one of the most daring, deadly unions in Nigeria.


As they filed out of the courtroom later, they started causing trouble downstairs. They initiated an attack against the chairman of the opposing side. They wanted to kidnap him. It took great efforts for him to be rescued. Our lives too were at risk but we summoned courage and sat with stony faces. Most of my colleagues didn’t even come, it was just two of us I guess.

At another time, we had sat on a very popular trending labour union matter in Nigeria. All the unionists chartered a bus to the court wearing their uniforms. Court was filled. Tv stations came. Security had to be beefed up for us.
Sometimes, I go to court with my heart in my mouth. My court is the busiest and gets the most sensitive cases and sometimes W does not remember to alert security about sensitive matters coming up.
I was wondering what I would have done if what happened at Federal High Court had taken place in my court. Of course, I would have scampered to safety begging God to spare me.

That’s the obvious risk attached to sitting in court that no one tells you about.

So still smarting from those issues above, I was gobsmacked when two of my neighbors started arguing last night. Before I knew it, a tussle started. It was a big war. They began to beat themselves like two rams at ileya locking horns to the delight of a cheering crowd on a field, market place or public road.

Only that, they are both husbands. One with a few days old baby and another with a less than two year old baby. Both father of girls. One works with the presidency while the other is a roadside mechanic according to compound gossip. The other, is the second husband of my neighbor who claimed Mr Banji was my sugar daddy.
The mech said he was going to kill the other. He dragged him and overpowered him. He began to pummel him right behind my window. I wasn’t fully clad so I only peeped into the dark night shouting blood of Jesus. But, the blood of Jesus is even too precious to be called in such circumstances. What’s Jesus’ business with two unreasonable fellas who were obviously egotistical and could not reason because of their male pride? I should have called the blood of zecharias instead.

These guys didn’t bother to think about the future of their kids in a country like Nigeria. They were not even worried that they were living in bleak times, all they cared about was to get even and kill each other.
Mind you, this wasn’t the first time they engaged in a brawl. The last time they did this, one of them had to invite the police and the other was whisked to the station. I mean, policemen actually came to the compound that night. It was past midnight. I was tired and angry. I had worked all through the day and they were denying me my night sleep. My bedroom window directly faces their parlour.

So, I made up my mind this evening.

I think I’ve had it enough already. I’m probably taking a walk out of this environment soon. I can’t keep up with their shenanigans, with their lack of sense and obvious incredulity. Simpletons who live for the bottle.

I think it was Craig David who sang “I’m walking away, from troubles in my life, I’m walking away, going to have a better day”. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do in 2020.


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