Happy New Year

Solape’s Diary
The University of Ibadan Entrance Exam had come and gone. I did my best, only the result would prove that in few months time. I didnt like the way mother looked at me these days. It was as if she was looking for some evidence, as if she knew something and was only bidding for time in order to be sure. But I still didnt know why I suddenly interested her so much.
I caught her looking at the back of my legs early one morning. But she didnt say anything. She mentioned the fact that I wasn’t fast enough when running errands. She asked me why my eyes were whitening all of a sudden.
My eyes are white? I had asked her innocently. Then, I ran off to the wall mirror in her bedroom to see for myself. Apart from the fact that I obviously looked a bit pale, my eyes looked just fine to me.
What an elder can see while sitting, a child cant see it even if he climbs a tree, she said.
I left my house for Shoprite in Apo. Because it was a Sunday, the car park wasn’t filled. Some of the shops didnt open as well. I needed to just get to the grocery section and buy what would last me for the week. Some kids were arriving with their parents. They obviously came from church because it was the whole family all dressed to the nines in beautiful apparels with their kids looking like adults in lip sticks and a little bit over-dressed. The kids spoke impeccable English and chatted excitedly while the house-help looked forlorn in rags. I couldnt help but note the difference. It is not uncommon in Nigeria to differentiate the children from the house-help by their appearance.
I had seen a house-help in church one day who was told to sit outside by her madam while the service was going on. As unkempt as the girl looked, she still handed her nicely dressed baby to her. What a shame. I wondered if she didnt have the sense to know that anybody who carried her child had to be neat and well dressed as well. You dont clothe your help or feed them properly, yet you expect them to take good care of your child. Not that there are still not those ones who would never be grateful no matter what you do for them. But treat them right first. Do your part and leave the rest for God.
I was too lost in this reverie but was suddenly jolted into reality just as I was about stepping into the mall. A very cute baby girl of about three years old was running around excitedly and a man who appeared to be the father was having a hard time controlling her.
Roseline, come back here, he shouted. The girl had run past me. I thought the voice was familiar but I shoved it away. Then, the man approached, trying to find out which way the young girl had passed.
I froze in an instant. Then I recovered quickly. I have seen many things in my young life to be destabilized by this. The words being formed from his mouth were not so audible. He stood in shock as well. The child momentarily forgotten. I found my voice first.
Hello, Bryan. Its so good to see you so soon. You said you couldnt wait to see me tomorrow. So I guess God answered your prayer. You have a very cute baby girl, I said.
Just then, I heard the girls shrill voice again shouting I have found my mummy and I turned to see her tugging a heavily pregnant woman who looked ready to pop right there.
Daddy Roseline, why are you standing there? Lets go home now. I am very tired. He must have found his feet then because he moved sheepishly away from the entrance and I went inside. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
I quickly pinged Toke. After all their accusations earlier that morning on our way from church, thinking I wasnt serious. Now, they need to hear this.
Whats up babe? she responded almost immediately.
Guess who I saw just now at Shoprite.
Just spill it out babe. Arent we too old for that game?
I just say make I give you this gist as e dey hot. I saw Brian at the mall now with his heavily pregnant wife.
‘Ping ping Toke are you there? Did you read that?
Yes, yes, I was waking Tolu. Both of us haff fainted and are now waking, she responded jokingly adding a sad smiley.
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So, there, you have my new year message for you. Its “A Gift of Dreams”.

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!


I wished a dear someone happy new year yesterday and she asked me if I was just entering the new year. Meaning that I should have called since the first day of the year.

So, happy new year to everyone even though it didn’t come on new year’s day. By next week, the year would have started becoming old already.


See you on konga!!!!!


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