Olasiyan Olanike Yetunde

Here is a sneak peek- I am a freelance writer, blogger and poet. For writing gigs, advert enquiries, product reviews, book reviews, collaborations, guest posts, sponsored posts, family clinic Q&A, partnerships, article submissions, event coverage, speaking engagements and consultancy services, general enquiries. Send a mail to nikeolasiyan@yahoo.com

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2 Responses

  1. Myss Lafunky says:

    Welcome back Yetty.
    Blogging can sometimes be tiring but we have to get going.
    You are Internet shy, really? If you are, you won’t be blogging, wouldn’t you?
    I’m phone shy, I sturggle to ring people. I have unlimited credits in my phone, yet I hardly ring people.
    Initially, I thought I had a condition but I have accepted that, it’s part of life, there are times in our life that we find who we are as a person. Although I do try to send text messages and social media messages as the bible says whoever wants friends must show himself friendly.

    Re: Hausa. It’s nice to know your observation.

    • nikeolas says:

      Yaay! Thanks for commenting,Myss Lafunky. So you are phone shy? Interesting!!!lol. Yeah, i am internet shy and that’s why am still a very silent babes on babes redefined. I came out once when you called for bloggers. And yes, blogging still hides me. In my mind, i pretend nobody is reading and am just writing from a corner of the world. That is what encourages me. As much as i love twitter, i hardly post on it but i follow some interesting personalities. Thanks for reading. Happy holidays

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