Friday Musing..

Today, I had my second bike accident in two years. Yesterday, I was wondering and thinking about village people. I wondered why they’ve been so silent.


Today, I saw them.
In between the flashes of light, the yelp, the leaping and falling on a major road. Funnily, the first words that left my mouth was “yeeeee” instead of “Jesus” whom I would have normally called. We saw it coming but we thought the Toyota would wait but it happened in split seconds hence the surprise. We were just on our own but this bike rammed into us while trying to avoid being hit by a Toyota matrix(my favorite Toyota). It was a head on collision. The evil bike got hit by the Toyota he was avoiding and hit us as a result. The two bikes went down.


I saw something dripping on the floor. I thought it was my grounded atarodo but it was petrol, premium motor spirit. Alarm bells rang in my brain. I lifted my companion off the bike and we moved to a safer side of the road.
None of the bikers were hurt. The lady on the second bike was standing tall when I later saw her by the roadside.

Atarodo was intact. Wonders!!!!
I didn’t have time to check if I was intact too. The other person on the bike with me was crying, saying her leg hurt. We(myself and okadaman) checked her leg but there was no blood.
Anyway, I thought I was intact. Till I started walking with the right leg and felt some pain. I hope it doesn’t swell. I guess I hit the ground with that leg first.

I have imagined everything that could have gone wrong.
The other day, I was asking myself some questions: if anything happens, who do I have on speed dial……nobody. Reason why God made sure nothing happened.


The other day, I was ill and couldn’t lift a finger and I needed some drugs. After staying in bed without getting better, I took some strenuous steps to go out. I could barely walk to the gate. And when I managed to cross the road, I sat down on the floor in the first shop I entered, I was very weak. Still, I didn’t want them to know, and they didnt suspect.
So these days, I’ve become more responsible. I used to be irresponsible over my health. Now, I take myself to the hospital. Mehn, the last time I did, it was the office clinic. I rushed out of the court room, took a taxi to Asokoro.
I met the matron and she to start removing my whatever. She was going to inject me. 😀😁😂
I begged her to give me drugs but she no gree. She said injections would work faster(as if I didn’t know).
I almost began to cry. She asked two “bad” girls to hold me. They held me down while she injected me. I laid(slept) on the long chair in her office for hours. One of the female bosses drove me home. How I got home that day was a miracle from where she dropped me.
Honestly, I’m grateful to God every time. I don’t know what would have happened today but God watched out for me like he always does.

I’m scared of the new office. If I ever miss the bus, I have to cross two express, then, walk a distance before I get to the office street. It’s all new and scary for me.

While at the former Garki, I was always going with “Esquire”, anytime I didn’t feel like going with the official bus. Esquire’s office is close to my office in Garki. Sometimes when Esquire has a matter before my Lord, it makes it even better. Now, I can’t go with Esquire again. Talk of all the vibes we used to catch in that car with barrister Saturday (not real name), me, esquire’s wife and Esquire himself.
Now, the interesting thing is, my Lord’s office is no longer close to the court room. He’s now on the third floor. His chamber is massive and impressive.

Unlike before when he would just open his door and say “Yetunde, bring your diary”. Technically, it’s his diary, or the Court’s diary. But I’m the one in charge of it. With that diary, I give him dates during sitting.
So now, he can’t summon me unless he calls me on phone. And even when he does, I have to take the elevator to his office. I’m on the second floor. The court room is on the second floor and that’s quite a distance.

You know sometimes, when the court police is not around, I usher my Lord in, banging that wooden stuff on the wall to announce his appearance.
Then, we normally do a James bond. Once I sight him getting dressed to come out, I would signal to my colleagues, “get ready” or the police would signal to us.
Now, even if he’s coming, we can’t know unless someone bangs the weavel. He has to take a long flight down the stairs through what looks like a secret tunnel(like in Enid Blyton’s “the secret four”).
Courtroom will be interesting now. I can’t wait to see the expression on the faces of the counsels when they come in September. Now the witness box is far from our seat.

Now, all of our shenanigans-eating biscuit under the table can no longer happen. The table in front is too open. My chair is still a swivel one but it’s now newer and different.
Now, we(I and my colleagues) have a proper office just behind the courtroom. They just supplied us tables. We even have a fridge 😂😁😀. (My Lord’s former fridge). That office makes sense, kilode?
I’m too excited Sha.


Okay, if you are still here, let me know. Yes you!!!!

How’s your weekend going/going to be?

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